Drink Basis, Not Sugar

Locals Henry Springer and Kyle Nowak are Challenging the Old Standard of Sugar-filled Energy Drinks

What ingredients (or lack thereof) make Basis an excellent choice for the conscious Colorado consumer? 

The lack of sugar in Basis makes it an easy choice, but for Colorado consumers specifically, the amount of electrolytes is a game changer [Editor's note: Basis has only 4 grams of organic cane sugar and uses medical grade electrolyte levels recommended by the World Health Organization.] After a good workout at altitude, you'll be surprised what replenishing electrolytes will do to your energy levels and muscles. You can feel the difference versus just drinking water.

When (and how) was Basis created?

The idea for Basis was born October 2016. I like to say we started with the Google search; "How to make a beverage." From there, we worked with several food scientists on roughly 100 plus iterations over a year span. In late 2017 we did a test run of 1000 bottles and brought them around to gyms, yoga and spin studios to get feedback. That was probably the most important thing we did early on—get feedback from real consumers and iterate. 

What do you see for the future of Basis?

We want to offer Basis across the country—every Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Kroger, Target— you name it. As for additional products, we're looking at a lot of different options—more flavors, powders, different functions. But for right now, our focus is on listening to consumers and getting them a product they love. 

Who do you see as the ideal Basis consumer?

I think anyone who is dehydrated is our ideal customer. Right now we're focusing our efforts on what we call the modern athlete—the everyday person who's fitting workouts into their busy lives.

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