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Article by Joan Dameron

Photography by Jolie Rodriguez

Originally published in Parker Lifestyle

From engineer to entrepreneur, Daniel Hanten's knack for making things runs in the family.

"I started going to my grandfather's house in the summers when I was about 12 years old to do projects for him. He taught me a lot about different trades, including electrical, plumbing, framing, fabrication and woodworking," Daniel says. "My father and my uncle were also big influences on how to build and fix things."

Working with his hands and problem solving were what led him to pursue an engineering degree, but it wasn't until his first customer reached out on Nextdoor in December of 2018, looking for someone to build a dual dog crate, that he started pursuing his true passion. "I built it in the garage on the weekends," Daniel recalls. "We posted a photo and the woodworking business took off."

Just 11 months later, Hanten Woodworking was a fulltime endeavor. "I really like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I am able to take a design and make it come to life. I usually don't make plans - just a couple of sketches - I am able to visualize the project in my mind and how it is going to come together. It is important to use sturdy materials that can stand up to a dog," Daniel says of the crates. 

 "I love that it is a unique "forever" custom piece," Sabrina Kary says, when referring to her dual multifunctional dog crate. "I will never have to swap it out or replace it."

Lucy, the family's Boxer, loves the crate too. She has her blanket and toys and is happy to hang out in her safe space. At the time Daniel built the crate, the family had two dogs.

1) The wood on top of the crate was stained to match the color of Sabrina's floors. The open slats on the doors of each dog crate keep the look light and airy and provide plenty of ventilation for  Lucy.

2) The bench closest to the stairway provides shoe storage and the padded top is the perfect perch to don footwear. The bench closest to the kitchen opens up to store blankets.

3) Jennifer Hanten, Daniel's wife, worked with Sabrina to coordinate the colors of the bench cushions and pillows with the family room. Sabrina picked out fabric and Jennifer made the gray cushions and colorful custom pillows for the storage benches and sectional sofa to tie the look together.

The end result is a multifunctional dog crate that melds perfectly with the open kitchen and family room and looks like it has always been there - and if it is up to Sabrina and Lucy, it always will be!

contact Hanten Woodworking at 720-505-3116

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