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Reimagining Home Fashion with Cedar & Hyde

Nestled within the shops on Pearl Street is a collection of cozy sweaters and Hygge-style textiles that would make any home and closet feel like a Pinterest board come to life. Neutral colors and eclectic storefront displays quickly welcome customers into a lifestyle that encourages diversity and expression. 

I'm writing, of course, about Cedar and Hyde.

Cedar & Hyde is a labor of love between the two sisters, and an idea they tossed around for years before making their dream a reality. 

“We work with brands and designers we personally know and believe in," says co-owner and founder Poss Lambert, who started this mercantile store with her sister, Christie Lambert. "We feel strongly that if the person making our products does it out of passion, hard work, and love, then the customer will feel all of those things and feel good about their purchases."

“Our lives were going in different directions for many years until they weren’t,” says Poss Lambert. "We spent six months dreaming up every doomsday scenario as to why it was a terrible idea until we realized it simply wasn’t. We just had to make it work, so we did!”

Poss and Christie Lambert started their store strictly on determination, previous retail experience, and a risky financial move. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, a strong work ethic was instilled in them both from a young age. 

“We created a world we could not have lived in unless we built it ourselves," says Poss Lambert. “And while sometimes it can feel like a glasshouse, we have gratitude every year to see it gain strength and feel a little more established.”

Cedar & Hyde’s niche is not only in fashion, but fashion for the home as well. From kitchen to bath, the store satisfies the craving for ceramic pots for houseplants and woven area rugs to dress up hardwood floors. 

“I actually just remodeled the main living area of my home this past summer, and the style is very Southwest meets old New York. We used American Clay on the walls and ceiling to not only give warmth to the space but also to make it feel established,” says Poss Lambert. 

Poss used all living materials in her home, including soapstone, cement, and oak in the kitchen, which will age well with passing time. 

“The lighting and dishes are all handmade pottery from people I admire, and thanks to my husband, there is a never-ending supply of plants to keep it fresh,” says Poss Lambert.

Poss advises to let fashion be an extension of yourself and carry that into your home. She struggles with trends and encourages anyone looking for a decor style to think about the colors, space, and designs that bring each individual person to life. 

“There is no right or wrong answer,” says Poss Lambert. “It’s about feeling comforted and at ease in your own little world.”

Cedar & Hyde is looking forward to more brand collaborations in the future to help put their makers in front of their customers and let their stories be told. 

“I hope to continue to captivate our customer season after season by not only listening to their needs but also wow-ing them with curiosities they never knew they needed.”

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