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Why It's Worth It: The Case for Flying Charter

Mountain Aviation's Malachi O'Neill Elucidates the Many Advantages and Oft-overlooked Accessibility of Charter Flights


For some, the idea of traveling via private charter plane calls to mind an image of opulence and excess; a privilege reserved for movie stars and Kardashians. In reality, private chartering can be a far more time-efficient, cost-conscious and accessible than many realize. While Mountain Aviation — a local private jet charter and management company — can certainly cater to the “glitz, glamour and gulfstreams” narrative associated with private flying, a great number of their flights utilize smaller, cost-effective planes, with the majority catering to middle managers out on-site visits or traveling to important meetings. As Malachi O’Neill, Vice President of Business Development, explains, “we’ve got a specific plane for each specific mission.”


Get where you need to when you need to

When getting to your meeting is not optional, relying on commercial jets to fit your timeline is risky and often impractical. Even the hint of bad weather sends commercial airlines into a tailspin of delays and cancellations. Enter: Mountain Aviation. A private chartered flight can have you seated comfortably in the boardroom in New York before the commercial jet back at DIA gets its wheels off the ground. Mountain Aviation is in the business of getting customers to their destination, and, as long as it is safe to fly, that is exactly what they’ll do.

Go direct, sans hassle

These days, businesses are often run as a function of multiple diverse locations. Be they energy partners, digitally based businesses or organic farms, remote sites are often an integral part of a company’s portfolio. Sending a team out to a rural area can be a logistical nightmare; connecting flights, rental cars, hotel rooms, food costs add up quickly. A chartered flight, in comparison, allows employees the convenience of flying out in the morning and being back home by dinnertime — saving time, energy and money.

Take back your vacation

Colorado’s mountain towns are undoubtedly one of the most alluring features of the state. They’re made even more incredible for the fact that they are difficult to reach — except when you’re the one trying to reach them with your sanity intact. Consider this: a chartered flight from the Front Range could have your entire group on the ground in under an hour (Telluride); half an hour (Aspen); or under 30 minutes (Steamboat). Instead of wasting your weekend stuck on the highway cursing traffic, split a Mountain Aviation flight with a group of friends and spend your time, your way.


Mountain Aviation functions on local, regional, national and international levels, boasting a fleet of roughly 40 planes ready to fly clients anywhere in the world. While they’re certified to fly globally, Mountain Aviation focuses first on its Rocky Mountain client base, offering ad hoc missions for one-off trips, or, for the consistent flyer, the Summit Program, a discount block purchase. Mountain Aviation also manages planes for owners and even runs an FAA-certified maintenance center. Not only are they IS-BAO certified, but they are also the only AR/GUS Platinum certified charter company in the region. They are also one of the few companies in the country that are DOD certified — another jewel in the crown of a company that maintains the highest safety certifications in the industry. When it comes to flying safely, smartly and on-time, Mountain Aviation is second-to-none. 

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