Spring Trends; DIY Style

Stay On Trend and Breathe New Life Into the Old and Dated

Article by Beth Treadwell

Photography by Beth Treadwell

Originally published in Parker Lifestyle

Megan McMorris of Centennial and Beth Treadwell of Lone Tree were introduced to each other last summer by a mutual friend, who just knew they would be bestie soulmates. Their friend was on to something. Both gals were DIY junkies and lovers of hunting incredible finds at thrift stores and estate sales. After just a couple of months from meeting, the interior-design-loving gals started their business Simply reFIND, where they sell their upcycled furniture and other treasures.  

Simply reFind shares these 20-minute transformations for staying on trend this spring. Love the look, don’t want to do the work? They can help you with that too. Contact them on Facebook @simplyrefindcolorado or on Instagram at @simply_refind. And ask about their new weekly in-person "estate sales" in Lone Tree.

DIY Weathered Pottery 

You’ve likely seen these pots selling for hundreds of dollars in this season’s design magazines. Get the same look for under $10. A perfect first-timers DIY, this project is very forgiving.

Find an old pot in a shape you like, house paint and baking soda. Mix the paint with the baking soda to a plaster-like consistency and apply in a crosshatch pattern with a paintbrush directly onto your pottery to create the depth that makes this technique distinctive. Keep adding layers until you get the look you like. You can add bit of a darker color to your paint for even more depth.

DIY Wallpaper furniture 3 & 4

Bold and colorful floral wallpapers are all the rage these days, as are jewel tones. Combine the two trends into this easy project.

This project works for any item of furniture with drawers, door fronts or insets that you’d like to breathe new life into. Peel and stick wallpaper is available from Amazon for $8 and some hardware stores. You’ll also need a very sharp Razor blade and something to smooth the paper out like a credit card or plastic ‘bondo’ spreading tool.

The trick is to accurately measure the area, leaving 1/4-1/2 inch on either side for wiggle room. Starting at the top, peel back the wallpaper backing an inch at a time and smooth as you work downward.  If you end up with an air bubble or two, don’t fret, simply poke a small hole with your razor blade and smooth down with your tool. Trim the edges with the razor blade using a straight edge.

DIY Metallic Finish

This product is one of our new favorites. It is so easy to see a major transformation.  

Start with a mirror, book ends, pottery, small furniture item or anything you want to give a metallic makeover. Rub ‘n Buff can be purchased at your local paint or hardware store in a color you like.

Just squeeze a small amount of the Rub ‘n Buff product directly onto a paint brush and paint on. This product goes on so smoothly you’ll be shocked at how easy it is! You might even want to layer multiple colors.

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