Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Castlewood Canyon State Park


    Castlewood Canyon State Park has a backyard mountain feel. Near Franktown, this location boasts unique rock formations, waterfalls and an evergreen forest perfect for family photos.

  2. 17 Mile House Farm


    17 Mile House Farm, a historic barn and vintage house, is minutes away, right off Parker Road in Centennial. Take a step back in time at this country location.

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  3. McCabe Meadows


    McCabe Meadows - Surrounded by large cottonwood trees, this bridge offers a natural frame for your photos. Easy to find off Cherry Creek Trail, it’s great for young families.

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  4. Downtown Parker - What's not to love about our downtown area? Fun graffiti and brick walls add an urban flair—a great location year-round.

  5. Iron Horse Park


    Iron Horse Park - Nestled between neighborhoods just south of downtown, the historical Slemmer Ranch Barn offers brilliant fall leaves, perfect for your family photo shoot.

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  6. Cherry Creek State Park


    Cherry Creek State Park - Aurora From beaches and wispy open fields to mountain and city views, your family pictures will always be unique at this location.

  7. RoXBorough State Park


    Roxborough State Park - Littleton You can't beat the Red Rock Colorado feel of Roxborough State Park. Full of walking trails and breathtaking backgrounds, it’s stunning all year long!

  8. Photo By: Jfree Photography

    Highlands Ranch Mansion


    Historic Highlands Ranch Mansion, nestled within the suburbs of Highlands Ranch, is surrounded by lush green lawns and vibrant flower beds.  Perfect year-round photo setting.

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  9. Photo By: Jfree Photography

    Fly'n B Park


    Behind the old, white farmhouse at Fly’n B Park, you’ll find a fishing hole and dirt paths. Great location for capturing lifestyle photos of the whole family.  


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  10. The Hudson Gardens & Event Center


    The Hudson Gardens encompass 30 acres of lush, vibrant scenic backdrops for any photography session year-round. The Fall season is a beautiful time for family photos. Photography permit required.

  11. Photo By: Jfree Photography

    Ketring Park


    Surrounded by tall wild grass on one side and a large green park on the other, Ketring Park is a perfect location for family photos during the Summer and Fall seasons.


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  12. Photo By: Jfree Photography

    Blackrock Lake offers an easy walk to many dirt trails where you can find hidden spots for great photos. Lots of lush greens and high grassy areas with big mature trees.


  13. Town Hall Arts Center


    If you’re looking for brick walls, alleys, and graffiti, Town Hall Arts Center offers a great location for an urban style photo shoot.


  14. Photo By: Jfree Photography

    Westlands Park


    Westlands Park is an ideal location to add variation in your family photos. The playground is perfect for capturing candid shots of your little one’s playing. You'll also find lush green fields and a wooded area.

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  15. Hildebrand Ranch Park


    Upon entering the parking lot, you will find a rugged barn surrounded by wild grasses at Hildebrand Ranch Park for the ultimate western prairie setting. 


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