Re-Organizing Through Covid

Ideas and Designs by Closet Connections

The entryway of your home is the last stop in the morning and the first stop in the evening. Stop running out the door in a stressful state after frantically searching for misplaced items in the morning. Instead, save yourself time and focus on the functionality of your entryway. Keys, lunch boxes, bags, etc. will be easy to find when they are kept in a designated spot. Whether you enter your home through the front door or garage, your entryway can become a dumping ground for dropping off things on your way in or out of the house. With the help of a custom storage solution, you can make this spot in your home functional and efficient. Save yourself time and a stressful transition from home to wherever you are going with a functional mudroom.

When planning out the design of your mudroom, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind and benefits of keeping your family organized:

  • Increased responsibility for children to keep track of the personal things. They'll finally have a place to hang their backpack and put their shoes on! Ahh, weekday mornings have never gone smoother…
  • A custom locker system can be designed to fit in any space.. Custom built-ins can be designed with closed cabinets and cubbies. Having a door to close, maintains a neat and tidy mudroom. If space allows, assign a cabinet to each member of the family. If limited space, have one shared cabinet with your spouse and another cabinet for the kids.
  • Mudroom lockers resemble lockers in your child's school. Children are taught at school to keep track of their belongings and hang their coat and backpack. Having the same system implemented at home blends the responsibilities they have at school with their duties at home. Personalize the inside of your child's locker by hanging school artwork or important reminders. 
  • Attaching hooks at eye level for children will make it easier for them to hang up their things. 
  • Only hang up in season necessities. Having multiple jackets for different seasons hanging up can clutter the space. Sticking to your current needs will make it easier to throw on what you need and go.
  • Regardless of if you have a locker system or not, a bench with built-in drawers can satisfy the needs of your family. Children will be able to put their shoes on and take them off easier.. Underneath drawers can hold shoes, winter accessories, or extracurricular items.
  • Place a bin near the door to corral small items.. Refill each night, that way, all of the things you need are next to the door..

Whether you work from home or not, every household should have its own ‘command center.’ Having a designated spot to pay bills, file away important documents, schedule appointments, etc. alleviates feeling overwhelmed and forgetful. Moving towards an organized space doesn’t always mean perfectly neat surfaces and color-coded labels. It’s about maximizing your home office space in a way where everything has a place.

  • “Maintaining an organized home office will keep you motivated to complete tasks and will increase your productivity.” - 

These past few months have certainly tested the ability and ease of remote learning. Keeping kids engaged and excited to perform their schoolwork can be very challenging when outside of their normal learning environment. A functional study space is instrumental to your child being productive when it comes to getting their schoolwork completed. Consider implementing a quiet workspace in your home to accommodate learning and studying for your children. This custom workstation doesn’t have to just be utilized for learning or working from home. It can serve as a peaceful space for your children to complete activities.

A custom closet is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Make the decision to invest in your child’s bedroom with a flexible system that has room to grow. Our kids’ closet systems evolve with your child, always meeting their needs. From newborn to young adult, a custom storage solution will be the best investment made in their room. The adaptable design will suit the needs of your child throughout their youth. No matter the size of the room, having a system that utilizes the space best will ensure everything has a place, keeping their room cleaner. It teaches your children the importance of organization and gives them plenty of space to store their prized possessions.

Closet Connections is located at 20427 Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Woods; 313.884.1818 or visit them online at closetconnections.com.

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