Men of Influence

The men behind EyesOn Design

Steven Pasteiner

Design Commentator

Thirty two years ago a new car show was created in Grosse Pointe. The focus of the show was not “elegance” but rather the evolution and significance of design, and new design directions that have influenced others. As a designer, I greatly appreciate the work of Dr. Hessburg with the visually impaired and his vision of the future. I cannot think of a more worthwhile pursuit and I feel very honored to be part of EyesOn Design.

Richard Parks

Leadership Team Member 

EyesOn Design is a series of events over three days with the purpose of raising funds for the visually impaired, so the entire weekend is what makes it so unique and enjoyable! I have been a volunteer for more than 25 years and have served in a number of roles during that time, up to and including General Chairman. As a result, I am now part of the leadership team.

Frank O. Valdez,

EyesOn Design at Ford House, Director

Our design exhibition, EyesOn Design at Ford House, takes place annually on Father’s Day. This day is a culmination of the prior 365 days of planning. I enjoy working with the dedicated leadership of the EyesOn Design team and Dr. Phillip Hessburg. We share his passion and raise funds to help sight-challenged and/or non-sighted people obtain some form of vision through the programs and research of the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology.

Glen Durmisevich

EyesOn Design Chief Judge

For me, the true meaning of the EyesOn Design Car Show is reflected in one small aspect of the show - the judging by our visually-impaired group. Unlike most of our judging by professional car designers, these individuals judge by touch to select a vehicle of their choice to receive the Visionaries Award. As a retired GM Designer, sight and touch are very important senses to creating an automobile design that is both visually and sculpturally exciting.

Glenn Abbott

Vehicle Selection Committee Chair

As a designer, my favorite part of the show are all of the beautiful sculptures we put on the field. But this year, we are featuring racing cars and they are more than just the aesthetic expressions of their designers. There are also the wonderful stories the cars tell about the larger-than-life characters who created and drove them. Some of those folks will be joining us, and I can't wait to talk to them.

Werner Meier

Manager of Show Field Logistics

My passion for beautiful cars and their interesting owners initially got me involved with this incredible event, but it's my admiration for our leader, Dr. Phil Hessburg, that keeps my wife and I coming back to support the great work that is being done by the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology.

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