Guided Meditation - A Weekly Virtual Series

Monday, August 3 | 2:00 PM | Bridgewater Township


  • Monday: 2 PM—2:30 PM


Somerset County Library System of New Jersey
1 Vogt Dr
Bridgewater Township, NJ


In these sessions, we will practice a body awareness meditation that will relax the body and bring the mind into focus. 

Many people are intimidated or bored by the idea of meditation. This series of 30-minute meditations will introduce you to the basic concepts of meditation and why so many people are adding it to their daily routine. Jennifer will guide you through different styles of meditation to help you find the best fit for you. Build body awareness, increase focus, and create space to let go of the busy workings of the mind. 

Jennifer Elise is co-owner of Amate Society, a boutique yoga & fitness studio in Bridgewater, NJ that was established to give the kid from the back of gym class a place to move judgment-free. Along with operating the studio, Jennifer teaches yoga, pushing the boundaries of how we view the practice. Jennifer works to change the current state of the fitness and yoga community, allowing for more diversity and inclusion, allowing students to truly love and accept themselves as they are. This passion for total inclusion in the yoga world also led her to work with Ashrams for Autism, teaching adults on the spectrum in the local community.

Jennifer owns the studio with her wife, Bridget. They married on the second anniversary and have established a home in NJ with their two cats. She most enjoys spending time working on her home and building websites for small businesses.

Explore a virtual weekly series with your Library from 2-2:30 p.m. August 3:

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