Fido's New Happy Place

Wag Central: A New Breed of Kennel

I can understand why a dog would want to go to Wag Central (Wag). What I can’t understand is why they’d agree to return home. If there was a Venn diagram showing what my dog gets at home and what he gets at Wag, the commonality would be “water” and, on a good day, “meals.”

Wag is the brain-fur-child of former kindergarten teacher and stay-at-home mom Angela Pantalone. Three years ago, while walking her dog, Lulu, in cold weather, she mused, “It’d be great if I could walk Lulu inside.”

Great, indeed.

She scoured websites and boned up on kennel law. With three kids in tow, she visited kennels and doggy day cares around the country, learning about the best turf, toys, soundproofing, and air flow for canines. Yeah. Air flow.

After months of research she came home and created her “puppy nursery school,” or what I’d like to call “Doggy Dream House”: a whimsical, airy space full color and happy spaces for pooches to roam and play. In addition to day care, she offers add-ons, including swim lessons, bubbles, arts & crafts, veterinarian appointments, grooming and…

Wait for it…

Fresh blueberry gluten-free donuts.

I just… sometimes want to be a dog.

Swimming Pool:

Swimming is excellent for dogs who are overweight, have ACL issues, arthritis, need non-weight bearing exercise or should just need to burn off energy.

Custom made for their facility, Wag’s pool is heated to a pooch-friendly 86 degrees and has a zero entry step design so instructors can work with each pup at their comfort level.  

The pool is cleaned with UV light technology and uses little to no chemicals. 


Wag uses only human-grade goodies to home-make their healthy, flavorful, and fun short-ingredient-list canine treats  Specialities are woofles (dog waffles), donuts, granola donuts, fun biscuits and meatloaf birthday cakes.


Need a meeting place for pups and humans? Grab a java for yourself and a baked snack or puppy ice cream for Rover! 

Dog Suite:

A dog’s got to doze. Wag’s doggy hotel is comfortably outfitted with enclosures for plenty of space and a quiet, safe place to rest.

Enclosures are custom-made with dog safe materials such as safety glass, tile, laminate and stainless steel, featuring sound proofed walls, ceilings and floors.  Large dog? Upgrade to a larger suite. Extended dog family? Book the bunk bed party room for a well-supervised pup sleepover.  

Opening soon in Westport

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