Not Your Mother's Gift Basket

Savvy + Grace Elevates the Quintessential Present

Well, that was super fun!

I just created my own Savvy + Grace (S+G) basket. These bad boys became popular around Easter 2020, and now people are gifting baskets for all sorts of occasions - holidays, thank you, get well, corporate gifts, or simply because.

If you haven’t been to S+G, it’s sort of a wonderland, an eclectic amalgamation of everything except cars and pet monkeys. There’s Ugg apparel and shoes, cocktail lollipops, bath bombs, Westport-themed items, jewelry at all price points, kate spade stationery, ’70’s concert tees… stop me when you’ve read enough.

No other store in our quaint hamlet boasts a range of items as vast as S+G and, according to the owner Annette Norton, the prices are pretty much unbeatable. I know this is true because I googled everything in my basket when I got home (don’t tell Annette). Also, some of the items I couldn’t even find online.

Who’s buying these? Everyone.

A man came into the store to make an anniversary basket for his wife. He piled it high with everything he thought she would love - jewelry, scented lotion, funny t-shirt - while a chorus of female onlookers cooed “Awww!!!”

A woman who sells private jets (such a cool job) asked Annette to create personalized baskets for six of her employees. According to Annette, “This past year has made people more personal, we realize that life is about people.” For the whisky lover in JetWoman’s employ, Annette included chilling stones, nuts and cheese, and a book about whiskey.

A dog lover received a champagne bottle chew toy, dog leash, dog book and… tea. (More than one proclivity? She has you covered.)

Annette wistfully recalled working with a beloved Westport resident this past spring, before she succumbed to cancer. She purchased custom baskets for the nurses who cared for her. Annette explains, “We see their life experiences, sometimes joyous, sometimes upsetting. (Customers) share why they’re giving the gift. It’s a tiny slice of their lives in the basket.”

If my basket is a slice of my life, it says I lounge, drink, bathe, and like sparkly jewelry. (To reiterate, it’s a slice, not a definition of our entirety.) I chose a cream loungewear set, shearling slippers, rock t-shirt, plaid flannel top, crystal bracelet, fancy soaps, and a drink-in-a-jar. And a sentimental little tray.

Annette pointed to a fabulous cashmere sweater, “I’m surprised you didn’t choose this!” To which I modestly replied, “I do! But - haha! I can’t choose everything!” Technically I could, because this was only an exercise in self-gifting; I wasn’t waltzing out of the store with a basket of freebies. I just didn’t want my slice of life to say “insatiable.”

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