Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Photo By: Alexandra Blair Photography

    Compo Beach


    Compo Beach's scenic seascape is a foolproof backdrop for your family photos, with it's pale sands, crashing waves and quaint beach houses.

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  2. Photo By: Alexandra Blair Photography

    Bedford Square


    Bedford Square provides a more urban setting for photos with it's dramatic arch and all-brick aesthetic. The seasonal decor brings an extra little something too!

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  3. Photo By: Alexandra Blair Photography

    Your Own Backyard

    Embrace Connecticut's changing seasons and colorful Fall Foliage with a photoshoot in the comfort of your own backyard.

  4. Photo By: Alexandra Blair Photography

    Saugatuck River

    Pose for a photo op along the Saugatuck River, which runs through Downtown Westport and is surrounded by wind-blown reeds and charming architecture.

  5. Photo By: Alexandra Blair Photography

    Wakeman Town Farm


    Think out-of-the-box and head to Wakeman Town Farm for photos with a rustic, farmhouse feel.

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  6. Earthplace


    Take a short hike with your loved ones through the peaceful trails at Earthplace and capture a family photo surrounded by nature.

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  7. Sherwood Island State Park


    With it's extra long shoreline and expansive wetlands and woodlands, you don't have to worry about finding the picture-perfect spot at Sherwood Island State Park.

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  8. 6

    Terrain's garden center is artistically curated and a unique spot for a creative photoshoot. 

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