A Fashionable Home

An Estes Gem, With A Luxuriously Modern Cabin Feel

Style can be about so much more than just the clothes you wear. The space you live in, how you choose to fill it and how you choose to decorate it, are a direct reflection of your personality and style. Just like your fashion choices, but so much bigger. Niche Design House knows this all too well and knows how to create a space that reflects your style, or as they like to describe it, “defined by you, designed by us.”

“It’s figuring out who they are as people and finding a way to express that within the items I bring into the house,” Senior Designer Sara Ballenski says of their client centered approach to design.

This house, nestled into the outskirts of Estes Park is one of their latest projects, done by Ballenski. The two story home, newly purchased by their client, already featured jaw dropping mountain views and heaps of natural light pouring in through the large windows in a build that lives somewhere between modern architecture and rustic cabin. The new homeowner wanted the houses’ interior design to reflect not just the architecture but the natural beauty it was placed in, to bring the outdoors in.

After taking time to get to know the homeowner, Ballenski set to work. Finding the perfect furnishings is one thing. Next is finding the ideal decor. She found many things right there in the mountains. Visiting local shops to find wood pieces and the large gemstones and fossils strategically placed around the house for a stylish but distinctly outdoorsy feel. Most notable are the large reclaimed wood sculptures created by locally based artist Deborah Candelora, hand crafted and sold through her business Blue Horse Sculpture.

They say the devil is in the details, with an entire house of handpicked furnishings and decor, Ballenski certainly has an eye for those details. Blending colors and textures to create something that is equal parts beautiful  and comfortable. Both elegant and homey, perfectly fitting the home and owners stylistic niche.

Niche Design House is a luxury interior design firm based in Northern Colorado - Learn more about them by visiting their website at 

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