Home is where the Healing is 

Bayada provides holistic healthcare to the Loveland community 

Picture this: someone you love has been in and out of the hospital repeatedly. They ache for  their own bed, personal photos, decorations, and, most of all, their freedom. As the old saying  goes, home is where the heart is. However, the team at Bayada Home Health Care in Loveland takes that adage to another level with their belief that home is also where the healing is.  

Bayada provides services to clients from their homes with the goal of providing the most  autonomy in the safest environment. Registered nurses (RNs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and medical social workers  (MSWs) are all among the team that provides nursing and therapy for clients in the aftermath  of hospital visits, surgeries, illnesses, or people undergoing chronic illnesses. 

From a young age, Bethany Beets, the Director of Bayada Home Health Care, Loveland, developed a love for older generations. She was blessed with multiple sets of grandparents to  spend time with and care for. Today, she has a special grace and love for cantankerous old men  because they remind her of her grandpa, reincarnated. 

Bayada specializes in the treatment of patients 55+ and provides targeted education to their clinicians for the ailments that typically  affect people in that age category, including heart disease, diabetes, and COPD, to name a few. 

“Whenever you go into someone’s home and help restore them to their highest level, it’s very  rewarding,” Bethany says. 

April Davis, RN, agrees. She started her career in a traditional hospital setting. Now, she can’t imagine going back.  

“People heal better in their homes,” she says. “Sometimes it’s not the medication alone that helps.” 

The staff has bought into this philosophy and joke that they all “drank the Bayada Kool-aid.” They are able to recognize the environmental factors that shape a patient’s health more than a hospital staff might be able to. Aspects like home cleanliness, food availability, and familial situation all play a big part in holistic wellbeing.  

Over time, the staff and patients build a relationship with one another. They learn to trust and adapt to being part of each other’s daily or weekly rhythms. 

“Due to various situations, some of our clients have nobody come and see them,” Christina  Does, LPN, says. Colorado has an especially transient population, so many of their patients’ families simply can’t visit them regularly. 

In a way, the staff agrees that there is a mutual healing that takes place in the friendships they all develop with their clients. There is a dual beauty in having a need met while meeting a need.  

“You get your cup filled up without even trying,” Bethany says.


5285 McWhinney Boulavard Suite # 140, Loveland



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