Creative Ideas

for an Easy and Memorable Thanksgiving

Do you want to create a memorable Thanksgiving that's fun and easy? Look no further! Here are some easy DIYs that you can do before, or during this wonderful day to build memories with your loved ones. Even the kids can get in on this action.

DIY #1 Make an easy centerpiece by making cinnamon pinecones

The first way to make cinnamon pine cones is to place them in a baggie or container of your choice. Add drops of cinnamon essential oil to the pine cones in the bag. The more you use the stronger they’ll be. Close the bag or container up. Leave for minimum of 24 hours and up to 1 week. The longer you leave it the stronger the scent is absorbed. If you prefer to use natural cinnamon I’ll share 3 options with you.

 Spray the pine cone with an adhesive spray and then apply the cinnamon.
 Spray on Mod Podge Ultra, and then apply the cinnamon.
 Paint on Mod Podge, and then apply the cinnamon.
Let this dry completely.

To create the centerpiece, I placed a battery operated strand of LED lights with a timer in the bottom of this bowl. The timer works by turning it on at say 4pm, then it will run for 6-8 hours and auto turn off. The next day the timer will auto turn on at 4pm. I placed some of the cinnamon pine cones in the bowl, twisted the LED light strand among the pine cones, and then repeated adding pine cones and twisting in the lights.

Here are some other ideas of what you could do with cinnamon pine cones:
 Display them in a vase alone or with the lights or tea light
 Display them in an empty lantern
 Use some twine/jute and create a garland
 Hot glue them to a wreath form for a pine cone wreath
 Add a little twine/jute to the top and create an air freshener or ornament.

I placed my display on my dining room table. I love that I’ll be able to enjoy these for fall and winter. A little tip, when the season is done, pack some of these in with your fall/winter decor. Next year when you open your boxes it will smell lovely.

DIY #2 Create a thankful jar for the holidays.

The holidays are coming and I came up with a simple and inexpensive project that was easy to make, cause reflection, and become a great conversational piece for our holidays for years to come! I started with a recycled jar.

I washed it and then wiped it down with rubbing alcohol to make sure it was good and clean for the next step. I added foil stickers to the front and the back of the jar that would reflect what the jar would represent. Things we are grateful for and things to give thanks for. I added a slotted lid to the top of the jar. This lid I was lucky enough to score at the Dollar Store, and you could easily just leave the jar open, or with the ring still on but the top off.

Next keep some pieces of paper next to your jar and a pen. Encourage anyone who wants to write down things they are grateful and want to give thanks for.

Place them into the jar.

When everyone is ready, open the jar and read what everyone has written. It’ll create great conversation. I love that we’ll be able to use this every year and we could even leave it out all year.

DIY #3 Easy Placemats & Table Markers

Something to do for the holidays plus decorate your table at the same time! These place mat & table marker projects are easy, inexpensive, and something everyone can do. Great for gift ideas too!

  • Put your paint on a plate.  
  • Dip your cookie cutter in your plate of paint   
  • Press the cookie cutter with paint on it onto the place mat.   
  • After the paint dries, feel free to color in with Sharpies if desired.

We made these place mats back in 2009 and only the Sharpie marker has faded with all the washes. My son was 4 and my daughter was 8 when we made them. Where does the time go? We look forward to getting them out every year, and we talk about memories every time they come back out and we use them.  You can use this idea as something to do while you have all the guests at your house, make them before hand, and even use is as a gift idea.  

For your table use ceramic pumpkins as place cards/table markers.  Simply write a person’s name on each pumpkin with the dry erase marker.  The best part is the dry erase wipes off easily for reuse.

Bonus!  Use these ceramic pumpkins all fall!  For the fall season write fun words on them and leave them out on display. For Halloween, draw faces on them.  My kids loved to do this! I hope this inspires you to create some of these projects and create an easy and memorable Thanksgiving.

Chas blogs at Chas’ Crazy Creations and you can see these tutorials on her website

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