A Local Artist's Journey Begins at Home

In her abstract paintings, Roma Osowo returns to her roots.

Abstract artist Roma Osowo, a DFW-based mother of two, is known for her colorful paintings, prints, crossbody bags, and other goods. A social media sensation, you can find her work in places like Target, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx. How did she get to where she is? With a lot of support, prayer, and hard work. 

Osowo began her journey as a child living in the British Virgin Islands. At 11, she told a friend she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. In college, she would give away paintings to friends as a way of thanks. It was her go-to creative outlet; it brought her joy. 

When asked how she came back to art after marriage and moving to the United States, Roma says, “It’s a lot to move to a new country. We were just trying to survive all the change. The more distance I put between myself and painting, the more it became almost an afterthought. I didn’t paint for almost a decade.” 

She was a homeschooling mom with a degree in marketing, but deep down, she knew there was something else she should be doing. “What is this thing? I know it’s there,” she remembers saying. In December 2016, when asked by her husband why she had stopped painting, Osowo said, “I didn’t have the answer. So I went out and bought a watercolor set, and then I bought some acrylic paint, and within two weeks, I was painting at night in the garage.” Her husband took one look and said, “This is what you’re supposed to be doing. I have no doubt.” 

At the start of her journey, she hid her work; she was afraid to put it out there. After hurricanes devastated the British Virgin Islands in 2017, she announced to her (now public) Instagram account that she would donate all the proceeds from purchased artwork to victims of the tragedy. She immediately saw a positive reception from followers and friends. “It was a confirmation people would buy my work,” she says. Be Happy—the first picture posted on her account—is now her most successful series. 

Osowo pulls a lot of inspiration from her home country. “Being from the BVI, I’m drawn to vibrant colors. My mother’s house is bright yellow, the festivals are colorful, and the ocean is a mix of dark blues, navy, and teal. I work with what evokes joy; that’s how I want to live my life. I want to be surrounded by things that uplift me.” 

How does this busy mom fit her creative process into her family’s schedule? She now has a dedicated studio that’s only 30 minutes away from home. She’ll drop the kids at school and head in, where she’ll start by simply putting paint to paper. “I go in even when I don’t feel like it because I know inspiration comes when we just begin.” 

Her dedication has paid off. She hasn’t had to reach out to brands for collaboration opportunities. They’ve come to her through her social media followers, her connections with fellow artists, and many other ways. Follow her Instagram page @roma.artist, or go to her website to see her latest work or to your order own custom piece! 

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