7 Unique Dishes in Fort Worth

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My name is Trey Chapman I'm the author and publisher of Trey's Chow Down.com, a T.V. and podcast host and positive food critic. I travel the highways and byways in search of creative chefs, slinging delicious eats and tasty craft cocktails. My family has been in Texas ranching since 1838 and the restaurant business since 1905. At one time we owned and operated over 150 locations. Our restaurants began in Lake Worth at our first family place " Lacy's Farm to Table" restaurant. I’m extremely passionate about food, drink, creative chefs, awesome service folks, and the restaurants and grub pubs that host us. 

Last July I started pondering on what I could do to help support local restaurants, chefs, and the service industry. Something that was different, exciting and fun! I wanted to create something special to highlight unique and delicious dishes. After speaking with Hunter and tossing a few ideas around, the big light in the oven came on, and there it was, swirling around in my brain like berries in a blender. Some of the most unique dishes in cowtown prepared by the most creative, talented chefs and pitmasters. I know you will enjoy these dishes because I sure did!

Food is an exploration of the pallet! Try something NEW! Because you just might like it! 

Adios and please enjoy!

1. Panther City BBQ

Southside Fort Worth Texas

Dish: "Southside Slammer"

When you think of Texas BBQ, MEATY SUCCULENTNESS always comes to mind. Low and slow smoked meats that are prepared with passion. Pitmasters Chris and Erniehave come up with an outrageous sandwich that has all the Texas BBQ you need. The “South Side Slammer” – prepared with house-smoked bologna, thick house-smoked brisket, tangy pulled pork, and stuffed jalapeno peppers. This sandwich embodies the word “EXCESSIVE “, and I love that word. It tops the scale at over one pound. The way I see it the more Texas Craft BBQ meat the better!

2. B&B Butchers

Clearfork Fort Worth

Dish: “Chef Tommy’s Bacon Dish

B&B has this amazing bacon dish named after Chef Tommy. Let me tell you, “Chef Tommy’s Bacon Dish” is loaded with flavors. When I read about this dish, I had to visit B&B so I could enjoy this culinary masterpiece for myself. It’s prepared with fresh blue cheese, house truffle-infused honey, and thick house bacon. This dish meets all the requirements for an award-winning dish. The taste has an amazing flavor profile, tenderness, cooked perfectly, great texture, fantastic eye appeal and a flavor that pops in your mouth. One of the best bacon dishes anywhere, period! You need to try this dish TODAY!

3. The Biscuit Bar

Stock Yards Fort Worth

Dish: "The Rough Night"

Enjoy this biscuit anytime. A Texas size biscuit that goes by the name of “The Rough Night.” This thang is crazy it’s prepared with all the goods and protein you need. A big fresh house prepared southern fried chicken breast, a juicy burger patty, slice of ham, slice of smoked turkey, some pulled pork, few slices of crispy bacon, tater tots, plenty of cheddar cheese, and house-made sausage gravy to pour over the top. It’s a crazy biscuit that will send your taste buds to the flavor rodeo. Better pack your bags for a trip straight to deliciousville!

4. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Downtown Fort Worth

Dish: Ruth's Stuffed Chicken

Now before you say “What? Ruth’s Chris is known for fancy steaks”? Yes, they are, but I can promise you the chicken is the sleeper on Ruth’s Menu. I’ve been eating this chicken dish for years and I can honestly say it’s on the top of any chicken dish I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world. I say with confidence, you will be blown away by the way it's presented; hot, crackling, and bubbling with butter and a beautiful golden brown crisp skin. The aroma of this dish as they set it down in front of you is head-turning. I swear, when I order this, folks around me will ask, “What in the world is that”? I always say with a grin, “Why, it’s STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST. It’s prepared with a double-breasted chicken that’s been oven roasted, stuffed with garlic herb cheese and topped with lemon butter”. Trust me and go try this succulent, cheesy, layered with flavor dish at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

5. Little Red Wasp

Downtown Fort Worth

Dish: Cheddar Cheese Fried Chicken & Biscuit

Little Red Wasp Kitchen and Bar is nestled in downtown Fort Worth between two steak houses. When they were first building the Wasp years ago I asked myself, what is this??? I thought, this better be good. Let me tell you, it is better than good… it’s amazing. This restaurant is chef driven, knife and fork sandwich concept by chef Balineand Adam Jones. Everything is so dang delicious but I have to focus on the brunch because this is what I want to discuss. Chef Blaine’s “Fried Chicken and Biscuit” is prepared with a house-made cheddar cheese biscuit, house-prepared black pepper gravy, and an awesome big fat n’ juicy fresh fried chicken breast with house secret batter. You have to have a knife and fork to eat this beast of a dish. It’s packed with flavor and you will be sopping up the gravy with your little fingers and licking them all up. I promise you that.

6. Wishbone & Flynt

Southside Fort Worth, Texas

Dish: Stefon's Flynt Burger

Wishbone & Flynt is the brainchild of Top Chef winner Stefon Rishel on the south side of Fort Worth. It's close to downtown just south right off Main Street on Byran Ave. The Flynt burger is prepared with a special chef’s custom blend of fresh meat, that’s never frozen. It has fresh white cheddar cheese, house-made pickles, farm-fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and the patty is seared in duck fat. Yes, I said duck fat! The presentation of this burger is beautiful, but the culinary jingle that pops on your taste buds will linger forever. The Flynt burger is simply culinary perfection!

7. Provdern Hall

Stock Yards Fort Worth

Dish: Steak Frites

Provdern Hall is Chef Marcus Paslay's newest restaurant concept located in the new and vibrant part of the Fort Worth Stock Yards. I tell everyone in the simplest of terms that in my opinion, Chef Marcus Paslay is truly one of the world’s most incredible chefs. I’ve dined all over the world, eaten at places some can only dream of and anything Chef Marcus and his culinary team sling out of the kitchen is at the top, period. The flavor profiles, the incredible service, the craft cocktails, the amazingly creative from scratch cuisine and atmosphere, make his newest Provender Hall one of the world’s best places to dine, socialize and drink. He's serving creative, but simple delicious dishes done right! The Steak Frites is just ridiculously delicious! If you love fresh Akaushi beef and tators with house Chimichurri sauce you better head over and chow down on this dish of deliciousness. You will THANK me later.

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