An Ounce of Prevention

Master Arborist Jason Jones on Catching Tree, Lawn, and Plant Problems Before They Start

It’s April: Time to check on your lawn and garden. You’ve cleared away last year’s dead leaves, pruned the roses, and tidied the garden beds. But now what? You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your landscaping, and you want to take excellent care of it.

One option you might consider this year is a care regimen with an accredited land care company such as Aspen Tree Service. The Carbondale-based team of certified arborists offers a unique Plant Health Care program that’s ideal for beginning in spring. 

“Our mission with this particular service is to really focus on creating a holistically healthy landscape within your property,” says master arborist Jason Jones. “That means examining a range of potential issues and finding solutions that maximize plant vigor and health within a given budget.”

Maximizing Health

Jones, who has been with the company since 2005, emphasizes that professional care of your outdoor property helps extend the life of your lawn, plants, trees, and other vegetation. If one area is suffering, chances are that you may have problems throughout your landscape.

“When we begin the program, we first do an assessment,” Jones says. “The goal is to begin identifying concerns before it’s too late. Many people don’t call us until they notice their favorite tree in the back yard is dying, but by then unfortunately there may not be much we can do. We then make recommendations for immediate needs and offer suggestions for a long-term maintenance plan.”

This type of preventative care involves determining how your property’s irrigation, fertility, need for pruning, chemical impact, and pest situation might be affecting its overall health. Aspen Tree’s program involves one to five visits per year for monitoring. When problems do arise, they are able to help homeowners get their land back on track.

Knowledgeable Care

“Our team specializes in the specific needs of mountain west communities,” Jones notes. “We understand this area of Colorado. Many of our staff have degrees in forestry and horticulture. We’re able to identify problems unique to the Roaring Fork Valley, whether you’ve got a small in-town yard or a large estate or ranch, upvalley or downvalley.”

Jones adds that hiring a certified professional has far-reaching benefits and can save you money in the long run.

“Don’t underestimate the value of a qualified arborist,” he says. “Someone without the right training might do more harm than good. We see it all the time: bad pruning cuts, herbicides, improperly applied fertilizers. These mistakes can really damage the landscape, so it’s best to do things right the first time.”

The Aspen Tree team not only possesses immense knowledge of local vegetation issues, but also engages in regular training and credential renewals to stay on top of their field.

“Being proactive is critical with high-value landscape assets,” Jones says. “Our team has the experience and expertise to help keep properties in excellent health.”

Call Aspen Tree Service at 970.963.3070 or visit MyAspenTree.com.

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