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Photographer and Entrepreneur Siri Raitto-Rochowiak on Covering the Iditarod

Siri Raitto-Rochowiak knows a thing or two about adventure. An Alaska native raised in a family of dog mushers and skijorers, she also grew up with a camera in hand. After traveling south in 2011 to attend the photography and outdoor leadership programs at Colorado Mountain College, Raitto-Rochowiak settled in Glenwood Springs. Now an instructor in that same photography program, the entrepreneur is also hard at work expanding Siri Raitto Photography, her business as an outdoor lifestyle visual content creator in both Colorado and Alaska. She's worked with big name brands like Weston and Full Sail Brewing, and last year was selected to be one of three official photographers for the famed Iditarod, Alaska's premier long-distance sled dog race.

"The race itself was amazing," she recalls. "Flying out on bush planes from checkpoint to checkpoint, playing leapfrog with the other two photographers to capture all the happenings at all legs of the race, was incredible."

Here, Raitto-Rochowiak shares three of her favorite images from the race. See more of her work at

Iditarod 2020

  1. "Alaska Range"  Views of flying between checkpoints by bush plane.
  2. "Rainy Pass Team Plane"  Volunteers checking teams into Rainy Pass checkpoint, tucked away in the Alaska Range, 822 miles to Nome.
  3. "Cripple Lead"  Lead dog of a team checking into the Cripple checkpoint, middle of the night, 550 miles to Nome.

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