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Sopris Alpaca Farm Offers Guests a One-of-a-Kind Experience with Cozy Overnight Farm Stays


Sopris Alpaca Farm offers unique farm stays via AirBnB


35795 US-6, Silt (near Coal Ridge High School)


Studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom spaces are available


The farm is home to a herd of 60 adorable, fluffy alpacas

The poofy hairdos, the long lashes, the lanky frames: Alpacas are just over-the-top cute. If you’ve ever visited Sopris Alpaca Farm between New Castle and Silt, you surely know that even their infamous spitting is pretty adorable—as long as you’re not in the line of fire. The creatures possess no shortage of good looks, or big personality.

“The animals are so friendly,” says Kim Wesson, who owns the farm with her husband Cory. “People are out here with them all the time, so they just get sweeter and sweeter. They’re usually really gentle and so fun to watch.”

The couple opened their property to the public in 2018, offering free admission from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Three years later, the farm has become incredibly popular with both local families and curious travellers who wander over from the interstate. Stop by on any given day and you’re likely to see children zig-zagging between alpacas nibbling feed through the fence, tourists marvelling at the gorgeous views, and anyone who’s even remotely social media-inclined snapping selfies with the herd. (Search the #SoprisAlpacaFarm tag on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of them.)

The Wessons, observing how much joy their alpacas have brought to so many people, decided to take things up a notch and begin offering farm stays last year.

“My dream had always been to have a B&B,” Kim says. “It’s a great experience for our guests to be able to interact with the animals and be able to relax in the quiet setting here."

First, she and Cory finished a complete renovation of a small early-1900s outbuilding adjacent to one of the pastures. It’s now a studio cottage suitable for up to four people, with alpacas ambling up practically just outside the door. 

“We opened that one up in October 2020. We loved it so much we decided to start using our other home on the property for farm visits, too,” Kim adds. “We finished the renovation on the upstairs this past spring, and in the early summer we finished the separate downstairs space. So now we have three different rentals available.”

Since the farm closes to the public every day at 4 p.m., overnight guests are able to have the alpacas to themselves in the evening. Kim loves giving private tours, and Cory enjoys sharing his expertise with visitors while they hand-feed the animals grain pellets.

“We really love sharing the farm with other people,” Kim says. “It’s wonderful for us.”

If you feel that a farm stay is in your future, all three listings can be reserved through Airbnb. Plan your trip well in advance though, as dates (weekends, especially) tend to get booked out quickly.

And if an overnight stay isn’t in the cards? You can still enjoy an outing at the farm during the daytime. Stroll the grounds, let the critters nibble from your hand, and peruse the alpaca fleece products in Kim’s on-site boutique. She stocks everything from imported socks and sweaters from Peru to yarn and dryer balls made from her own alpacas’ wool. By the end of the year, Kim also hopes to have a special hat-knitting machine available for customers to use.

Either way, overnight or daytime, the alpacas are waiting for your visit.

To learn more about the Wessons, their herd, and the farm, visit

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