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Mosaic in Western Colorado, a nonprofit based in Grand Junction, provides a variety of supports to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)–from Day Services, Mental, Behavioral Health, and Autism Services to 24/7 housing and hourly in-home Supported Living.

One of its most popular and growing full-time support service lines is Mosaic at Home. Through this service, the person with IDD shares a home with a Mosaic independent contractor (IC) who helps the person be an active member of the household and the greater community. To meet the desire of many people with IDD wanting more personalized services in a smaller setting, Mosaic is actively expanding its Mosaic at Home service–which it has offered for more than 30 years in some markets–in Colorado and in many places across the nonprofit’s 13-state network.

According to Kelly Britton, Mosaic in Western Colorado’s Executive Director, “We’re in a wonderful position to offer people fulfilling and gratifying independent contractor work with Mosaic at Home. It gives them a great deal of control and flexibility over their schedules, it offers competitive pay, and it fits well with their lifestyles. Many of our ICs have said the work is life-changing.”

One of Mosaic’s longtime independent contractors in the Grand Junction area is Tiffinie Storm, who has been a Mosaic at Home provider for almost three decades. The person she “supports,” as Mosaic calls it, is Steven Browning. “He came to us in June 1995 to join our family, and he’s been with us ever since,” Storm said.

The opportunity to become a Mosaic at Home independent contractor came at a time for a change of lifestyle for Storm. "At the time when Mosaic in Western Colorado was starting its Mosaic at Home program here, coincidentally it was the same time I wanted to stay home to raise my then one-year-old daughter, Shyanne. So when I was offered the position, my husband and I thought about it long and hard, then we decided 'let’s do this."

After Mosaic in Western Colorado conducted its due diligence to ensure Storm and her husband were a good fit for the work, it then matched Browning to two possible independent contractors, including the Storms, for him to choose. “Matching the individual supported to the best contractor for their needs and wants is a key component of the process,” said Britton. “After a few spaghetti dinners and many movies at our home, Steve chose us,” laughed Storm. “I was extremely glad about that, because I fell in love with him after the first five seconds he walked in our door.”

Browning has lived with Storm and her family for half of his life. She said her family, both immediate and extended, “opened their arms when meeting Steve for the first time–as if he had been part of our family all along. “Steve has had a profound effect on my family and extended family–they love him as a brother. Because Steve has always been here when both my daughter and my son Logan grew up, they are more loving toward those with disabilities and all diverse people, and my grandchildren love him so much, they call him ‘Uncle Steve.’” Upon being asked why she loves Browning, Storm fought back tears as she responded. “Steven is the kindest, most loving person I’ve ever met. He’s kind to everyone, and he loves unconditionally. I’m his biggest fan, and he’s my greatest friend.” When she finished talking–yet still crying–Browning, who was at her side, lovingly kissed her on the shoulder as if to give back support and comfort.

“If you want your heart expanded a million times over, you should seriously consider becoming a Mosaic at Home independent contractor,” said Storm. “I can’t imagine my life without Steve. He’s an integral part of who I am. He’s taught me to be kinder, more accepting, and more aware that everyone deserves
to have love and kindness and be treated well. It is my privilege to serve Steve, and we are truly blessed to have him in our lives.”

If you’re interested in Mosaic at Home either as an independent contractor or as a service for someone with IDD, please contact Kelly Britton via email at Kelly.Britton@Mosaicinfo.org or by phone, 970.245.0519, ext. 40015.

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