Healthy Eating Without Sacrifice

Caroline’s Kitchen offers healthy keto and gluten-free eating that has never tasted so good

Article by Stephanie Parnell

Photography by Shannon Valentine

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Caroline Cobell saved her own life. She suffered from symptoms like chronic pain, poor sleep, and flagging energy. With a health journey that was long and fraught with diagnoses such as cancer, degenerative disc disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, she realized that she needed to transform her lifestyle in order to save her life. 

“I was suffering greatly from a variety of symptoms. I initially tried the Atkins diet strictly to lose weight. As I started losing weight, I realized that I was feeling so much better,” said Caroline. “My pain levels were lower and I was sleeping better at night. All of these positive changes were happening, which I thought was attributed to the weight loss. But it wasn't just attributed to that. It was largely attributed to the fact that I had pulled sugar, gluten, and processed foods out of my diet.” 

From there, the concept of Caroline’s Kitchen was born. Caroline’s Kitchen, A Healthy Eatery, is a cozy cafe in the Cypress area that offers small plates, salads, pizza, sandwiches and a mouth-watering bakery. Best of all, at Caroline’s, eating a delicious meal doesn’t come with a side-helping of guilt. In fact, as the tagline goes, everything on Caroline’s menu is 100% gluten free, 100% sugar free, and 100% delicious. 

“After dabbling with a variety of eating plans and diets, I realized that all of these programs have a few common denominators,” said Caroline. “The Whole 30, Mediterranean diet, South Beach, Atkins, all of them. They all basically reduce or eliminate sugar, gluten, and processed foods.” 

Caroline will be the first to tell you that eating sugar can be truly addictive. In fact, eating anything can be truly addictive, especially for someone who struggles with an eating disorder. A self-proclaimed food addict and binge eater, and genetically predisposed to morbid obesity through her family, Caroline is open about the fact that eating a keto, gluten-free and sugar-free diet has literally saved her life. 

“For anyone who struggles with eating disorders or weight issues, there are many solutions, according to the experts,” said Caroline. “Various diets, weight loss surgery, and everything in between. But unless you reset your way of thinking about food, it just won’t work.” 

Once she realized this, she started embracing the keto, gluten-free and sugar-free eating lifestyle Caroline’s menu evolved around this. An uber-talented self-taught chef who cut her teeth on culinary greats such as Alton Brown and Emeril Lagasse, Caroline doesn’t mess around when it comes to delicious cuisine. Caroline’s fare isn’t just focused on healthy eating. She acknowledges that people have cravings and need to be able to indulge them. That’s why she developed a menu aimed at indulging cravings without the guilt that’s normally attached to that. 

Some of the signature items at Caroline’s include delectable gluten-free pizzas made with fresh ingredients, the super-powered Donkey Burger, a double-meat, double bacon, double cheeseburger, and delicious Taquitos (made from cactus tortillas–don’t knock it until you try it!). And that’s just a sampling of the lunch options. For your sweet tooth, the bakery offers delights like the lemon loaf, a variety of cookies, cheesecakes, brownies and more. And keep in mind they are 100% sugar-free. But don’t worry, they’ll still tickle your sweet tooth! 

Beyond the unique menu and the guilt-free meal options, Caroline’s is a warm-hearted eatery with a totally friendly vibe, making it the perfect place for a casual lunch or even a working lunch. A visit will treat you to conversation with the engaging staff, fellow customers and maybe even Caroline herself. Caroline’s husband and children work there too, so it’s truly a family-owned business. And by the looks of her booming business, it seems Caroline and her family are going places. 

More than just the dining experience, Caroline’s Kitchen caters big events such as weddings, parties, themed dinners, corporate events and more. Private chef services are available, and Caroline even offers expert wedding or engagement planning services. She’s launching cooking classes, is hosting Friday night dinners, and has other events planned for the future, such as a parking lot party. Very soon, she’ll be offering ice cream and donuts, prepared the Caroline’s Kitchen way of course. It’s an exciting time for Caroline and her crew, and she wants people to know that at her restaurant, people can indulge without the guilt. 

“I’ll be the first to tell you that eating can mean shame and guilt for many people,” said Caroline. “That’s why I created this restaurant. I want people who struggle with eating disorders, or just struggle with eating in general, not to feel alone. Here, you don’t have to sacrifice taste and give everything up. And you definitely don’t have to feel alone if you’re struggling with food.”

Caroline’s Kitchen A Healthy Eatery
9440 Louetta Road, Suite 12
Spring, Texas 77379


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