Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Towne Lake Monument


    The Towne Lake Community Monument on Barker Cypress and Tuckerton was made for special occasions and family photo shoots. Parking is available in the Kroger shopping center.

  2. Bridgeland Treehouse


    The Bridgeland Treehouse is a favorite for getting keepsake photos of your kiddos. The treehouse is 35 feet tall and has a large sprawling deck around it.

  3. Cy-Hope Cypress Alamo


    Did you know we have a Cypress Alamo? This spot is always popular around Homecoming and Prom but it works for families too. 

  4. Juergen House and Historic Park


    The Juergen House and Historic Park has  amazing spots for that perfect photo. While you ther learn about the rich history of Cypress, then called Cypress Top, at the yellow depot, home of the Cypress Historical Society.

  5. Bridgeland Josey Lake


    Bridgeland's Josey Lake offers lake front and bridges to find that perfect setting for your family photo shoot any time of day.

  6. The Recreation Center At Rob Fleming


    With an open pond, forested paths, large pavilion, and field of wildflowers, Rob Fleming Park offers a variety of natural and architectural backdrops.

  7. Waterway Square Park


    Make use of the beautiful bridges, fountains, art, and the 120-foot long and 10-foot-tall water wall at Waterway Square for your next photo shoot.

  8. Burroughs Park


    The 320-acre Burroughs Park offers miles of nature trails and wooden boardwalks, an observation deck, and a 7-acre lake for you next family photo.

  9. Northshore Park


    With an open grass field, trees, piers extending into Lake Woodlands, and a path along the water’s edge, Northshore Park offers a variety of backdrops.

  10. Mercer Arboretum


    Mercer Arboretum contains a multitude of flowers, plants, and trees as well as unique landscaping, bridges, and groomed paths practically made for photographing

  11. Town Green Park


    Take advantage of the beautiful backdrops of covered paths, flower beds, sculptures, brick arches, an open field, and a hedge maze at Town Green Park.

  12. Downtown Conroe, TX


    The brick buildings and quaint shops of Historic Downtown Conroe can add some old town main street charm to any family photo shoot.

  13. William Goodrich Jones State Forest


    The bridges, trails, and boardwalks that go around the water and through the pines of W. Goodrich Jones State Forest offer many natural photoshoot location.

  14. Alden Bridge Park


    Alden Bridge Park has wooded paths and open spaces, but the pedestrian bridge along Alden Bridge Drive’s stone arch bridge is the shot to get.

  15. Riva Row Boat House


    Use the brick steps, manicured lawn, waterway, docks, waterfall, or even the Riva Row Boat House itself to enhance your next family photo

  16. The Waterwall Park


    The Waterwall Park is located in the heart of the city, and is one of Houston’s most iconic, beautiful landmarks.

  17. Photo By: Photo: 365 Houston

    Sugar and Cloth Color Wall


    Open daily, the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall is a bright, colorful venue that is the perfect location for a fun family shoot.

  18. Houston Zoo


    The Houston Zoo is the perfect place for a unique and memorable photo opportunity.

  19. Photo By: Photo: 365 Houston

    Biscuit Paint Wall


    The colorful Biscuit Paint Wall is a stunning piece of street art that makes it the perfect location for vibrant family photos.

  20. Photo By: Photo: 365 Houston

    “Houston is Inspired” Mural


    What better way to  show Houston pride than to take a family picture in front of the “Houston is Inspired” Mural?

  21. Discovery Green


    Known for a variety of beautiful photo opportunities, Discovery Green makes the perfect location for a scheduled family photoshoot. 

  22. Photo By: Menil Collection

    Menil Collection


    With a beautiful exterior landscape and stunning murals, The Menil Collection offers sophisticated photography backdrops.

  23. Buffalo Bayou Park


    Surrounded by nature in the heart of Houston, Buffalo Bayou Park is a vibrant Houstonian location. 

  24. Photo By: Pinterest

    North and South Boulevard


    With stunning trees and greenery, North and South Boulevard make the perfect family photoshoot location. 

  25. The Centennial Gardens


    Located in Hermann Park, The Centennial Gardens have several sites that make for lovely family photographs.