Chef Collective Strang Hall Features 7 Restaurant Concepts

Food Hall to Open in the Edison District

Article by Danielle Jean-Francois

A food paradise will open in downtown Overland Park this fall inside a 13,000-square-foot space on the first floor of the Edison District, a five-story office building with retail and a large courtyard for events. 

Strang Hall brings together seven Kansas City chefs, serving up a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from modern Italian to southeast Asian to vegan. Those revealed so far include: 

Remy Ayesh of Nida

Concept: Tacos + Traditions
Nida, Spanish for nest, is all about subverting your expectations on what flavors a tortilla can hold. The traditional street taco is transformed with high technique and diverse new ingredients, inspired by flavors from around the world.

Mark Dandurand of Fond

Concept: Thoughtful, Creative, Familiar
In the tradition of chefs using the browned remnants from one dish and creating a delicious new sauce, Fond seeks to take familiar dishes and inject them with exciting flavors to make something wholly new.

Anourom Thomson of Anousone

Concept: Southeast Asian
Named after Anourom's late brother, Anousone pays homage to his legacy by bringing southeast Asian comfort food to the heartland. A fusion of Lao and Thai home cooked cuisine that will transport you to a home far away.

Chad Tillman of Norcini

Concept: Craft Pizza + Sandwiches 
Norcini pays homage to the legend of traveling butchers from the foothills of Norcia, in central Italy. Experience deep, authentic Italia with seasonally cured meats and 72-hour cold fermented dough cooked to perfection.

Strang Hall will reveal the final three chefs and their restaurant concepts leading up to the opening, which is slated for November. 

The food hall will also serve a wide selection of local craft beers, cocktails and wines at Strang Bar. 

To introduce us to the chefs and their concepts, Broadmoor Bistro hosted an event series where the chefs showcased their respective cuisines. We had the pleasure of cheering on Chad and Anourom. 

We also met with Marc and Remy, who are featured in the photos. 

All their food was honest and straight forward. Cheers to following our dreams and making our city a yummier place to live in. 

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