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3 Savory Sunday Brunch Spots: Brookside


Article by Hayley Hyer

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There's no denying that we love brunch in America. When I plan a weekend visit to a new city, the top brunch spots are one of the first things I research.

We are super lucky to have an incredible brunch scene in Kansas City with tons of variety. There are the fancy urban eateries that will give you a deconstructed meal on a wooden board, and there are the hefty farm-to-table places with skillets overflowing with fresh butter and eggs.

Every metro area in Kansas City has plenty of places to enjoy. Today we are looking at the fantastic brunch spots in Brookside. See you there this Sunday!

Cafe Europa

"New American comfort food in a casual but sophisticated setting with an in-house bakery."

I'm a vegetarian, so I love when I find a place that makes it easy to substitute ingredients. At Cafe Europa, there are plenty of choices for me and my meat-loving friends. The Eggs Benedict has the option of being made with either ham or spinach, and the vegetarian swap does not make the meal lose any flavor or quality. It's delicious.

While you're there, you'll definitely be enticed by the display case of sweet treats. Their bakery items are so good that you'll have to get one to-go on your way out. Located in Crestwood, Cafe Europa is a great spot to hang out for a while and leisurely sip your coffee when you've finished eating. You can also browse the cute shops around the corner or take a stroll along the walking trail. That sounds like a lovely Sunday to me!

Hayley's Pick: Spinach Eggs Benedict

Sunday Brunch Menu


"Classic French bistro experience in intimate environs with an adjoining coffee bar/bakery."

Aixois is in the same Crestwood area as Cafe Europa, so don't worry if you didn't get to spend as much time as you wanted in the boutique you found last Sunday. Now you just get to come back and try the authentic French experience of Aixois this time!

If I listed everything I love at Aixois, I'd be telling you the whole menu. But, you absolutely have to try a crêpe because you can't get one of those anywhere—and they are done so well here. It's your choice between sweet and savory. I recommend negotiating with the people at your table so you can try half of each!

Hayley's Pick: Crêpe Florentine

Sunday Brunch Menu

Avenues Bistro

"European-inspired small and large plates in a serene setting with sit-down and wine-bar seating."

This is the place to go when you are starving. I never finish my meal at Avenues Bistro because on top of the wonderful options on the menu, there is a huge Sunday buffet that you get full access to. And this is not your typical breakfast buffet. It puts charcuterie boards and tea parties everywhere to shame with amazing fruits, cheeses and pastries. You'll just have to try it for yourself!

Hayley's Pick: Crème Brûlée French Toast

Sunday Brunch Menu

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