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André’s Rolls Out a Taste of Fall 

Swiss Confiseurs Present Gingerbread, Apple, Pumpkin Pastries + More

Article by Judy Goppert

André’s Confiserie Suisse is a sweet treasure to our city. 

Seated at their table, you feel a sense of history as the cheese pie melts in your mouth at André’s Confiserie Suisse, one of America’s premier chocolatiers built upon three generations of Swiss confiseurs. 

With the cool weather rolling in, they’ve rolled out a wide variety of items for the fall. You’ll find tortes in flavors such as Grand Marnier, hazelnut, pumpkin mousse, pumpkin glacier and sprungli (special order only.) Pastries include pumpkin slices, chocolate pistachio, sprungli slices, apple charlotte and apple streusel. And Luxemburgerli—André’s version of a French macaron, comes in pumpkin and apple cider. 

“Although we use classic family recipes, we always strive to create new and different flavor combinations,” says owner Rene Bollier. “Seasonal offerings are a fun way for me and our many longtime employees, as chocolatiers and pastry chefs, to create fun and unique distinctive taste experiences.” 

Cookies include: Chocolate-covered gingerbread available in a variety of fall-inspired shapes including acorns, leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, squirrels and sunflowers.

And those chocolate candies: Chocolate Pinecones filled with chocolate almonds, now available in silver and gold foil. Chocolate molds, available in a variety of fall-inspired shapes including pumpkins, ghosts, squirrels, turkeys and jack-o'-lanterns filled with chocolate almonds.

And you simply haven’t lived until you try their Signature Hot Chocolate Blend and hot spiced Cider.

André’s has also partnered with another local brand, Betty Rae’s Ice Cream, to create two limited-edition ice cream flavors inspired by their Swiss confections. The specialty flavors include Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl and Chocolate Almond Orange + Spice. The flavors will be available at both Betty Rae’s locations while supplies last.

André’s offerings also go beyond deserts, with authentic swiss lunches such as the quiche Lorraine, along with the beef popover and creamed broccoli, which is delightful. And the roasted tomato pie … .words can’t do it justice. Each meal is delicately prepared, beautifully presented, and made fresh daily, so availability may be limited.

“We always strive for perfection and the seasonal items we provide to our customers enable us to showcase specific products and flavor profiles that are specific to certain times of the year,” says Rene. “Our fall offerings, such as flavors of gingerbread and ingredients using pumpkin and apple, are unique ways that showcase the season but also stay in line with our Swiss heritage.” 

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