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Café Gratitude Nourishes the Stomach + the Soul

How Can You Not Love a Salad Named ‘I Am Luminous?’


Article by Judy Goppert

Photography by Café Gratitude

I Am Adventurous. I Am Comforting. I Am Glowing. I Am Dazzling. I Am Genuine. I Am Enough. 

These are the unique menu items you’ll find at Café Gratitude, a 100 percent organic restaurant serving gourmet, plant-based cuisine. Each entre and menu item is named one of these uplifting and empowering phrases. How can you not like a salad named I Am Luminous? 

Located on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City’s Crossroads district, this welcoming space has created an environment that supports health and sustainability for both our community, and the planet. They practice business through a term they have coined “sacred commerce,” where they strive to provide inspired service, honest and transparent communication and express “gratitude” for the richness of each of our lives. 

The restaurant itself is an expression of a world of plenty, and their food and people are a celebration of aliveness. Singer Jason Mraz, a self-confirmed health food junky, is a partner in the Café Gratitude restaurants around the Los Angeles area.

The Kansas City location boasts colorful pillows, benches and tables, all nestled close together to encourage conversation, sharing and connectivity. The cafe hosts events throughout the year, and offer a variety of juice cleansing options with personalized education about each.

When it comes to sustainability, Café Gratitude uses organically grown produce from their own farm, Be Love Too, in Edgerton, Kan. Compost from all food scraps from the cafe are used to enhance the quality of the soil used for growing. 

The restaurant has also installed solar panels, serves food on tables made from reclaimed wood, and features many lights made from wine bottles. All boxes, containers, paper and glass are recycled, and all the to-go ware is biodegradable.

Every morsel of food prepared, every milkshake blended and every coffee dripped is done so with an attitude of love. There is no way you can leave without a smile on your face, and the feeling that you just ate a super healthy meal while taking part in a feeling of togetherness.

Says the business: "We love you and would love to be of service to you.” 

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