Snack Attack!

Build a better lunch or afternoon snack--and feel like a superhero parent

Scroll through Instagram and you're bound to find gorgeous images of elaborate cheese boards, ripe for the picking. They're works of art--full of a variety of textures and flavors, with the added benefit of feeling a touch fancier than your average cheese plate. Sarah Juenemann and her company, Grazing KC, is the mastermind behind some of Kansas City's most beautiful spreads. And while many of those grazing boards are aimed at more sophisticated palates, there's plenty of room to get creative for your kids' virtual learning lunch or after school snack. 

Juenemann created this board for Northland Lifestyle with kids' tastes in mind, including healthy options like fresh organic fruit and veggies, with plenty of color and crunch. She also included some nostalgic favorites like PB&J on Farm-to-Market Grains Galore bread, whole wheat Goldfish crackers, and real-fruit Yoyos for a tangy, fruity treat. Adding dips gives kids the opportunity to make their own flavor combinations, she says. 

Putting together a board like this can be a fun way for you to work with your kids to have fun with their food and take a break from the computer. Thanks to Sarah for showing us how it's done! 

-Choose fruits and veggies that can be cut up into approachable shapes and sizes. A small cookie cutter transforms kiwi to flowers or melon slices to stars for a whimsical touch. 

-Pair a smart blend of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates like this blend of apples, cheese, and turkey breast. Apple slices as the bread in a sandwich? Yes, please!

-For treat items, look for healthy options like Unreal Crispy Quinoa Gems. They may taste like crispy M&Ms but they're colored using fruits and vegetable juices. 

-Dips don't have to be bad for you! Trying making ranch dip with greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Sweetening natural peanut or almond butter with honey is another win. 

-Bring on the crunch. Chips are a hard pass but organic popcorn, whole wheat crackers, and Inner Peas are great options for a crunch mouthfeel while still getting in whole grains. 

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