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Warm Up with Stock Hill's Winter Menu


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

Here in the Midwest, we LOVE our beef. BBQ, steaks, burgers; you name it, the majority devours it. Kansas City is second to none with it comes to offering some of the most overwhelmingly delicious steaks anywhere in the world; so much so that our dubbed nickname “cow town” came about because this is the city “where the steak was born,” and our stockyards district remains intact today, just a bit more urban and commercially bustling than it was once.

Enter Stock Hill, arguably the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan establishment to be found anywhere in or around Kansas City; in fact, for this Chicago girl, it’s pretty competitive even to some of Chi-town’s most renowned restaurants. Open for four years, Stock Hill acquired its name thanks to the city’s district it resides in, taking over a revitalized Board of Trade building (i.e. “financial” stock) and enveloping 14,000 square feet and 24-foot ceilings, and paying homage to the “cattle” stock it now famously serves. Its clean lines, modern aesthetic boasts lush emerald green couches made perfect for lounging in this urban Sex and the City-esque bar, and sprinkles in gold metal accessories throughout, like its starburst sculptures, chandeliers, and gold “SH” logo-embellished dinner napkins. You’ll find private dining up, down, and all around, including the Mahogany library made accessible by way of a draping white curtain between two magnificent wine cellars. 

Adding a seasonal twist to its already irresistible menu offerings, @stockhillkc is now offering its 3-course “Warm Winter Menu,” inclusive of two of their best cuts of steak; the 6 oz Filet Mignon and the Bone-In Ribeye in addition to King Salmon, Roasted Chicken, and Cheese Tortelli. Start your casual, business, or special occasion lunch or dinner with your choice of Stock Hill’s Salad, Crab Bisque, Shrimp Cocktail, or Wagyu Meatballs before capping off your multi-course feast with either the rich Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake or Black Cherry Chocolate Tart. For $45 ($12 add’l fee for Ribeye), you can get your foodie fanatic hands on 3 plates that will fill your flavor-loving belly and fulfill your flavor-inspired soul.

Let me help you salivate just a tiny bit over our selections for an unforgettable Friday lunch date. The Crab Bisque was the obvious choice for me; King Crab is and will eternally be on my last-meal-on-earth wish list. Add some cream, brioche crisps, pickled onion, and cracked pepper, and dare I say I could die without eating anything further. But let’s be real, I’d never stop there, and the Wagyu Meatballs were clearly not your everyday ball of beef to turn a blind eye to. Drenched in a sea of thick tomato sugo, enormous chunks of garlic confit, balsamic reduction and pine nuts, the Wagyu elevates this beef-lover’s appetizer to a level of its own.

Next up; the stars of the steak show. 6oz Filet Mignon - Medium Rare, and 16oz Ribeye Bone-In - Medium, both Wet-Aged and gloriously floating atop divine whipped potatoes and thick, grilled asparagus.

Closing this culinary smoke show were the Dark Chocolate Monte Blanc, gorgeously crafted with dark chocolate ganache tart, tonka bean cremeux, milk chocolate mousse, almond streusel, encircled with rich black cherries and topped with edible lavender flowers. Cheesecake more your speed? You’d be remiss not to indulge in the Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake made with espresso Chantilly, white chocolate, dulce, and vanilla cookie crust.

Somebody nudge me; my conceptual food coma just rapidly set in!

Stock Hill is a true food experience that leaves patrons feeling full, glamorous, and living the high life. And, @stockhillkc’s sublime bar offers Signature Drinks, and an impressive spread of Spirits, Brews, Wines, and bar bites for the best of them. In a city full of fantastic steakhouses, Stock Hill nailed the Kansas City steak scene with what felt like a perfect sweet and savory score on a cozy, winter day! 

Stock Hill’s Warm Winter 3-Course Menu is an alternative, higher price point option available during #KCRW2020. The end date of this independent multi-course menu is to be determined; ask your local staff for confirmation. Alcohol and gratuity are not included. Not associated with @kcrestaurantweek's 10 day event.

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