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Options abound for practicing yoga in Lee’s Summit

Megan’s Yoga Tribe Megan Culbertson doesn’t just talk about the community of yoga. She lives it every day. Practicing yoga for more than 15 years, Culbertson opened Megan’s Yoga Tribe at the beginning of the pandemic. She launched her online studio July 1, 2020 and quickly grew to nine live classes over Zoom each week. “I needed to serve the yoga community during this worldwide pandemic,” Megan said. “The thing that makes Megan’s Yoga Tribe different is community. Community of women cheering each other, supporting each other. No judgment, no ego, no competition.” Fifteen years ago, Megan owned two brick-and-mortar shops, was “living on coffee, wine and burnout” and faced $1 million in business debt. She said she found her peace on the yoga mat. “It was the first space I could surrender and let go,” she said. “I sold my original businesses and pursued something that set my soul on fire. My goal is to help women create and live a life they love. And I believe that starts with loving themselves first. So they can show up a happier, healthier, abundant version of themselves.” MYT offers yoga, pilates and barre classes. Visit

The Zen Zone Ruthann Zentner has spent more than 30 years practicing and teaching yoga and fitness classes. In that time, she has taught over 10,000 hours and helped train 250 teachers. It’s clearly her passion. The Zen Zone has been in business in Lee’s Summit for 15 years, and Ruthann says her studio is all about making personal connections. “When you commit to a yoga studio, people start to feel better, and that goes out to the community and then out into the world,” she said. “Union and connection, that’s what yoga is about. A place to learn, a safe space.” As one of the earliest yoga studios in Lee’s Summit, Ruthann (a certified Registered-500 Yoga Teacher) and her instructors have had the opportunity to coach thousands of students. As the pandemic sent her classes to Zoom, Ruthann was forced to shut down, but only for five days. She kept the Zoom classes for students to still practice at home, but she highly encourages in-person yoga. “Practicing in a studio vs. practicing on your own or on Zoom, the differences are night and day,” she said. “And, partially because I am funny. Especially when I sing in class.” For more information, visit

Core Balance Yoga Leah Morgan’s business name says it all: Core Balance Yoga Center. It’s what she focuses on daily at her studio in Lee’s Summit. “Our focus, and our dedication, is to the practice of yoga,” she said. “We want to keep our focus as pure as possible, not just teaching it, but a honed-in practice of doing things correctly and safely.” In business 11 years, Leah started her career in radio and pharmaceutical sales before switching careers. ‘I always thought I had to do cardio or lift weights,” she began, “but after taking Yoga from several different places, I finally got what the fuss was about.” CBYC offers classes 7 days a week, as well as offering private sessions. “Everybody who comes in is made to feel comfortable. We really believe we have something to offer to everyone, regardless of yoga experience.” For more information, visit

Core Wellness Yoga Amy Black has seen it all in more than 20 years teaching yoga, but her philosophy hasn’t changed; yoga has a way of unraveling the knots in our minds. Amy has owned Core Wellness Yoga since 2011, following a calling after she began to practice the art herself. “I wasn’t one of those people who was hooked right away, but after the fourth class or so, I was leaving and realized I was feeling really good,” she recalls. “I could tell it was different from a regular fitness class.” Smaller classes and small-group/private yoga set her apart, she said. Those and her experience as a personal trainer gives her an edge; Amy has taught yoga to Sporting KC and William Jewell College athletes. “I think of yoga as not just exercise, but when we get our bodies open, calm and free, the mind follows suit,” she said. For more information, visit

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