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Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table in a Way You Love

Article by Hayley Hyer

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4 Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips

There are so many things you can put on your Thanksgiving table. Heather Coday has four tips focused on keeping it simple and creating a stunning centerpiece that does most of the talking. Remember you want to save room for all of the delicious food!

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Create a Whimsical Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time when people you might not see as often are all gathered together. Your tablescape is a great way to show a little bit of your personality and tell them about yourself and your family. For a whimsical style, get some inspiration from these photos by Tom Barnhart of Northland Lifestyle. Everything pictured can be found at Very Violet Boutique in Kansas City. 

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Dressing Your Table

If you feel like you have so many questions about tablescaping, let Zakk Hoyt of Leawood Lifestyle be your guide. From the adult table to the kids' table, he has answers for how to do it best.

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