How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

Find a Vibe that Fits Your Style

Article by Staff Writer

    Are you a romantic at heart? Do you gravitate toward timeless, classic styles? Maybe you prefer ultimate functionality. 

    Designer Lanie Draper is no stranger to kitchen renovations. She shares three different approaches to achieving the kitchen of your dreams. 

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    How to Design a Timeless Kitchen

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    Transparent cabinet doors, subdued palettes and simple countertops are just some ways to ensure your kitchen design will never go out of style. 

    How to Design a Romantic Kitchen

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    Crystal chandeliers, globe lighting, dark floors and bright colors. These are just some of Lanie’s suggestions on how to achieve an old-world, romantic kitchen vibe. 

    How to Design the Ultimate Kitchen

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    Don’t make the mistake of choosing a design that match your current mood. Avoid this by mixing trendier styles with timeless styles. Lanie focuses on a farmhouse sink, cabinet colors, countertops and hardware to show you how. 

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