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Lake Winnebago…No Longer the Best Kept Secret!

“There is nothing we like better to do than to show and sell lake homes in the Lee’s Summit area, and we have made it our objective to include Lake Winnebago in the properties we introduce to clients.”  

The Renee Amey team is always enthusiastic and eager to talk to you about homes at the Lee’s Summit Lakes, and Lake Winnebago is no exception. “We used to say that Lake Winnebago was the ‘best kept secret’ in the Lake Communities as little marketing went out regarding this well-loved lake home resort neighborhood, but after 16 years in real estate, I do think we have managed to change that. Once you know about a good thing, you do want to share the news.”

Marketed on, Lake Winnebago has its own unique characteristics and amenities. It’s important that prospective buyers get a good understanding for the culture, amenities, history and future developments for any one community.

What is unique about Lake Winnebago? Of the five Lake Communities in Lee’s Summit, Lake Winnebago has the smallest population. The current population of approximately 550 households will be changing as the lake has recently gone through a lake expansion, increasing the lake to more than 400 acres and up to 1000 total households. Other lake communities in the Lee’s Summit area are 2000+ households. Lake Winnebago is its own city with a “small town” feel that sits right at the southern edge of Lee’s Summit, so the community enjoys all the nearby services. Winnebago is within Lee’s Summit schools, with the expansion area mostly Raymore schools. Lakefront and many ‘2nd Tier Residents’ enjoy the right to own their own dock.

What can you do at Lake Winnebago? Most all water sports are enjoyed, including wakeboarding, skiing, sailing, kayaking, pontooning and tubing. The yacht club recently went through renovations, now offering an additional outside bar/eating area. This venue is also used for community events and entertainment. The speed limit is 37 mph, and speedboats up to 20-feet by 6-inches are allowed—perfect for wakeboarding or skiing—along with 28-foot pontoons that are popular for large gatherings. (At age 14, after receiving your Missouri boating license, you are eligible to operate watercraft.) 

Lake Communities have never been more loved than during the Covid-19 crisis with a focus on social distancing. Many residents of Winnebago have never been so excited to get their family out on the water and escape the walls of their homes to just breathe some fresh air and enjoy the surrounding nature. 

“A wave to a neighbor in another boat might be as close as you get, but there is something reassuring about at least seeing others at a distance while enjoying a great escape from the indoors,” says the Renee Amey Team. “I can tell you from personal experience, my children have never been in the water so early this year, and cold water could not keep them from a quick round of wakeboarding just to break up the day. That is why you move to the lake…the experiences you have with your family and friends.”

More Lee’s Summit residents are making this decision, especially as the option of a second home at the Ozarks adds expense, travel and upkeep time to their already busy schedules.

The most fulfilling reward for the Renee Amey team (Renee Amey, Lindsi Davis, Chad Davis, Brenda Durham, and Erin Slocum) is finding the right lake community and home for any one buyer. As they learn more about what is important to buyers, they direct them to lake home options or keep on the lookout for the next home listing that is their perfect match.

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