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Must-Have Christmas Decor

Article by Lanie Draper

Does it seem like Christmas is creeping up really fast this year? I don’t know if it’s this crazy cold weather or the fact that I feel more busy with work, kiddos and home with each passing year making time fly. Either way, it’s coming so how about we get started with my must-have Christmas decor selections!

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So I’m a real garland girl. I love the way it makes my house smell and I usually buy mine at Trader Joe's. However, I totally see the appeal in faux garland. Easy cleanup and you don’t have to wait for the real stuff to come out! It can also create a really grand look because it’s so thick!

Want it even bigger? Try adding dried florals or eucalyptus branches and layer with candles!

Here are a few really pretty options for you to check out.

Magnolia Leaves | Pinecones and Juniper | Gold Leaf Magnolia

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Stocking Holders

Okay, I can be a bit particular about this. I either like it when the stocking holders are “wow” and steal the mantle show, or I like them to be discreet and let the mantle decor take center stage.

Discreet Holder | Black Marble

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For the Front Porch

I hands-down have never loved a front door wreath hanger more! Even the most simple wreath will look awesome hung up on this bad boy!

Antler Hook

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Speaking of wreaths, it’s probably time to switch out your fall (or summer!) wreath. With that being said, here are a few on the market that I think are really pretty.

Bay Leaf Wreath | Faux Magnolia | Red Peony | Gold Leaf Magnolia

I added bells on mine for fun. You can either tie them onto the bow or just slide them onto the wreath hanger. So easy!


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I don’t know about you guys, but we have to buy new doormats all the time! Our house faces north so when the snow comes and then doesn’t melt, it makes our doormat look gross. The only one I’m able to reuse for 2-3 years in a row is our festive holiday doormat.

Merry and Bright | Happy Holidays | Farm Fresh | Very Merry | Cars

Christmas Tree Collars

I am a big fan of the Christmas tree collars. They feel less busy and you never have to rearrange them. Kids + dogs + Christmas tree skirts are not my fave combination. This is even more ideal if you have a real tree and constantly need to vacuum.

Abaca Woven | Bash Gold | Karina Woven | Red and White

I know you guys are going to ask about trees but to be honest, we’ve had our tree for a few years so I just don’t think I’m a great resource for that! Next year, I’d love to buy a nicer tree and will definitely blog about my search. But this year, I’m focusing on the small things that make my house feel more like home.

Throw Blankets

It’s already cold here and the first hint of Christmas that makes its way out is always my throws! Just add some cream or white throw pillows and your family room will feel festive in a matter of minutes.

Snowflake | Plaid | Creature Carol | Pom Pom

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