Pretty Ugly: Toasters, Coffee Makers + Dishwashing

Attractive Options for 'Ugly' Household Items

Article by Trim Design Co.

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We’re back with the fourth installment of Pretty Ugly and this week we’ve found pretty options for the ugly things that you asked us about. If you want to catch up on the previous Pretty Ugly posts, here’s Part 1 Part 2 & Part 3. Today we’re tackling toasters, coffee makers, and dishwashing necessities.


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Coffee Fix

We’ve included attractive options for French press, pour-over, and traditional coffee makers, but we haven’t sourced any Keurig options because all those disposable pods create so much waste and we’re all about making environmentally friendly choices whenever possible. (That’s on reason why we LOVE vintage furniture. Read Annabel’s two-part manifesto on why you should choose vintage over fast-furniture here and here. Spoiler alert: Those Ikea bookshelves are likely made with illegally harvested wood.)

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Dishwashing Essentials

A note on dish soap: One option is to buy basic dish soap and transfer it into an attractive bottle with a spout attachment—my MIL uses a lovely vintage blue bottle for this purpose. However, one reader told us that she’s sick of transferring dish soap into an olive oil jar, so we rounded up a few liquid soap options with packaging that’s inoffensive enough to leave sitting out on the counter.

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