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A Gorgeous Morning at the Overland Park Farmers' Market

Take in the Sighs, Smells and Sounds

Article by Andrea Larson

I took my first trip of the year to the Overland Park Farmers' Market.

Downtown Overland Park is so quaint, and it happens to be the town in live in too! It's a hidden gem of shops, restaurants, spaces to hang out, and home to a hopping little farmer's market that takes place Wednesday and Saturdays, April through September.  

There is no better way to spend a gorgeous morning than taking in the sights smells and sounds of a farmer's market!

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I visited on a Wednesday morning. It's less crowded than on Saturdays, but still bustling.

I started with a Kansas Peach Cold Brew from a local traveling coffee company called Wild Way Coffee. They have the cutest trailer and interesting coffee drinks. They also have a kid's drink menu.

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This small scale farmers' market has all the fresh local produce, meat, eggs, honey, and baked goods you can imagine. All the vendors are located in one wide aisle so you're sure not to miss anything. I love all the different colors there are to be seen. 

Don't forget the gorgeous flowers! Large and small bouquets of fresh flowers are readily available, and make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

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I also picked up some local apples for my kids. The have the cutest little hand-sized apples that are perfect for after school snacks and school lunches.

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There was live music playing where the vendors were selling their goods, and several kids were playing in a small fountain nearby.

It's such a great, family friendly activity!

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Or, you can enjoy it by yourself like I did. I sat on a bench with my peach cold brew and took in the weather and sunshine and people watching!

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