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The Running Well Store's Kathy Gates Lets Us in on Her Favorite Things


Originally published in Northland Lifestyle

1. A Good Pair of Shoes!

Ok, spoiler alert, I sell good shoes.  But I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in what we do at The Running Well Store!  I have seen clients come in with plantar fasciitis, back pain, knee pain – you name it.  I have watched them get fitted for a good pair of shoes and walk out excited with the pain-free possibilities ahead.  As a runner, hiker, and active lifestyle enthusiast, I put my shoes to the test.

2. My Best Friend Otis Gates!

Otis is my running buddy, TV marathoner, treat monger and holds the world record for cutest “sit pretty”.  Ok, the last one is self-titled, but he still is my partner in crime.

3. Garmin Fitness Watch

Most people think that Garmin watches are just for runners.  No more! Of course, my watch tracks my runs, hikes and yoga sessions, but now they have built-in heart rate monitors, mapping, sleep tracker, stress tracker, pedometer. . . and that’s just the basics!  I have a Garmin for diving, people take them to stand up paddleboard, yoga, weight lifting – they have a version to help keep you motivated for whatever your passion may be.

4. My F150

Not just because it was built in the Northland Claycomo plant! Hauling footwear to and from three locations is crucial to my business.  My truck is reliable and it looks pretty too.

5. My Passport

I work hard.  The only way I can truly unplug and regenerate is to travel.  Plus, challenging my comfort level, experiencing new cultures, and learning new things gives me a better perspective as a leader and an entrepreneur.  We are so blessed to live in a country whose passport carries so much opportunity and I don't take that for granted.

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