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Hustle and Flow

Four Women Forge Their Own Paths with Strength and Grace


Photography by Aaron Leimkuehler

Originally published in Northland Lifestyle

Cassie Pruessner

Owner/instructor of Studio 10 dance in Liberty 

Who makes up your family?

Luci, age 15, and Max, age 5

What's your favorite hobby?

I enjoy decorating, building things, and remodeling. Finding cool pieces at thrift stores and flea markets. Anything outside whether that's going fishing or taking our cars to car shows. 

What's your hustle?

Studio 10 is committed to providing quality dance training in a non-competitive Christian environment. We want everyone to have the chance to shine no matter your body type or ability. It’s all about the love of dance and the love for one another. We are proud to offer our Spirit Crew dance troupe for kids with exceptionalities and special needs. It's taught by an incredible pediatric occupational therapist and a kinesiologist. 

Our emphasis is on giving back to the community instead of competitions. We have raised over $90,000 during our annual Dance for the Cure benefit performance benefiting Breast Cancer research. The past two years we have partnered with Hillcrest Hope at Avondale to raise over $11,000 during our Christmas performances. We have also raised several thousand for some well-deserving families within our studio. 

What's your favorite way to spend a weekend night?

With my kids. I don’t get many nights at home so I cherish the nights I get. 

What's the greatest lesson you've learned?  

Figure out what each kid responds to. What works for one child may not work for another. Give lots of praise. Know everyone's name. Find great teachers and role models (I got those!!). Seek wise counsel. Make your kids feel loved. Work for Him. 


Samantha Anderson

Junior High School Counselor

Who makes up your family?

Currently, my household is just me and my son, James. I live near my parents and brother, which has been wonderful. We are all really close and James gets spoiled by his grandparents and uncle all the time!

What's your favorite hobby?

I love anything artsy! Painting, drawing, redoing furniture, etc. Dance is my biggest passion. I used to coach a varsity dance team and teach studio classes, but now I just help in my free time with local schools and studios.

What's your hustle? 

My biggest role is being a mom. James is a little over a year old and is the best part of my life! He is so much fun and just so sweet and good natured. I spend most of my time with him, working as a junior high school counselor, or spending time with family and friends. I am a people person and love having meaningful conversations (especially over a good cup of coffee!).

What's your favorite way to spend a weekend night?

Although I am such a night owl, I usually spend my evenings relaxing. I have an amazing group of friends. You can usually find James and I doing brunch with them on the weekends.

What's the greatest lesson you've learned? 

I have learned that life does not always go as expected and sometimes life can be tough. You never know what a person is dealing with, so compassion for others can make a huge difference in someone's life. I have come to understand that when faced with a hard time, resilience should not be underestimated. Have faith that everything happens for a reason and you will come out the other side a stronger, better, more compassionate version of yourself!


Kimberly Gardner 

Small Saints - 2-year-old Parents Day Out Teacher

Who makes up your family?

We are a family of four.  My husband, Brad and I have been married for 21 years this month and we are a great team. I couldn’t be my best me without him. We have two children, Cade (16) and Ainsley (15). Both of our children are in high school and play sports, so usually, you can find us by a track or volleyball court.   We love to watch them do what they are passionate about!

We also have three dogs, Pixie (10), Winston (1) and Flynn (4 months). We love our dogs!

What is your favorite hobby?

Quilting is my favorite right now, but I love to digital scrapbook, embroider, tend to my summer flowers and play pickleball.  I like to keep busy with a nap thrown in.  

What’s your hustle?

My family!  Family for me is being a part of a team. Whether it is my immediate, extended, work, church, sport or school family, these people have my back and I have theirs. I am thankful I am surrounded by a great family, because I can’t do it all by myself. I am a happier person because of these people and I am thankful God put them in my life.    

What's your favorite way to spend a weekend night?

My favorite way to spend a weekend night is to have a beautiful evening cheering on the kids at their sporting event.  I love watching them compete, but I also love hanging out with the other families. It’s a fun evening and the friendships I've built over the season are long-lasting.         

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned?

The greatest lesson I learned thus far is that everyone is someone’s child or loved one. Whether I am in a classroom, hospital, restaurant or sitting in the car line at school, I try to remember these people or little ones are a gift.  Sometimes that gift is hidden under a moody teenager, a person dealing with a sickness, or a little one just trying to figure out the world. I try to protect, teach and/or treat them with the same respect that I would want my family to be treated.  Some days I succeed and others I fall short, but I remind myself to take a breath and try again.

Nikki Moore

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant 

Who makes up your family?

I've been married to Brent for almost 16 years. Our daughter Mia is 13, our son Micah is 7, and our daughter, Marley, is forever 3 and in Heaven.

What's your favorite hobby? 

We love to travel, whether it's to just get away for quality time, relaxation, or to see new places! 

What's your hustle?

I've been with Rodan + Fields for four years. The flexibility to put my family first is an incredible blessing with running a virtual franchise. 

What's your favorite way to spend a weekend night? 

Going on a Family Date Night. We love trying new restaurants in and around KC and spending time together! 

What's the greatest lesson you've learned?

Life is short, so live it wisely. We lost our daughter Marley to a cancerous brain tumor 7.5 years ago, after a two-year battle. She taught me more in her almost four short years of life than I think anyone will. Marley was the most joyful person I've known. Even when she was in a lot of pain or didn't feel well, she loved deeply and had an unspeakable joy. I promised myself that I would live each day with a joyful heart, to spend my time doing what brings me joy and purpose, to make our family the priority and not take one moment for granted. 

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