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James B. Nutter & Co. Rebrands to Focus on Home Lending

Company Reveals New Name

With nearly seven decades of home lending experience, James B. Nutter & Co. is rebranding to better reflect and emphasize its focus on home loans.

The company’s home lending business is now known as Nutter Home Loans nationwide, but the loan servicing business will still retain the original name. Unlike many mortgage companies that sell loans after closing, Nutter services most of their loans. 

“We believe the name better communicates what we do for our customers and the public at large,” says George Lopez, executive vice-president.

The company has also updated its website, which now features a new customer service portal, and they have also started a new customer referral program. The new company name and rebranding efforts help customers more easily find them when searching online for lenders, and it also helps those unfamiliar with the company to understand their mission.

“It’s looking forward and creating our identity for the next 68 years,” Lopez says.

Despite all the changes, the company is still committed to the values that have always driven the business.

“We’ve always been known as a company that tries to do right by the customer,” Lopez says.

One way the company is seeking to do right by the customer is through its realtor advantage program. The company works with various realtors through this program and provides benefits to customers who use these realtors. One of these benefits includes discounts on closing costs.

“We enjoy working with Nutter Home Loans," says Tina Roe, realtor and co-owner of the Beginnings KC Team with RE/MAX Heritage in Lee's Summit. "The Nutter Realtor Advantage Program has been an asset to us and special savings to our clients. Everyone at Nutter goes the extra mile to make sure everything is right and on time."  

This connection between the realtors and the home lender helps to make the process of buying a home go more smoothly for customers.

“We believe the decision to buy a home is one of the most important and rewarding decisions a family can make,” Lopez says. “We believe it’s important to choose good business partners to work with. If you work with a realtor who works with us, that’s the best of both worlds.”

Another area of focus for Nutter Home Loans is giving back to the Kansas City community, which they are continuing to do in various ways. They have given extensively to Children’s Mercy Hospital for amenities such as a courtyard and inclusive playground. Additionally, they encouraged pet adoptions through Wayside Waifs, assisted educational institutions such as the Harry S Truman Presidential Library and served in the urban core by helping the YMCA and the Ivanhoe Community Center. 

Whether it’s a new name, helping connect customers with realtors, serving the community or providing content on social media designed to boost the customer experience, Nutter Home Loans is positioning itself to be a leader in home lending for decades to come. 

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