The Power of Street Art


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

I’m obsessed with street art so much that it's in our plans to add a large scale one within our home. Some may think we’re crazy, but we know the power of positive emotions it elicits, and I can’t wait to realize our own unique design!

The vibrancy, the intricate details, the stories they spread; ALL of them are equally extraordinary as they are impressive, thanks to the inability to imagine conceptualizing such an image, myself. And, during times like a global pandemic, finding bright messages of hope and togetherness is immensely powerful. From reminders to ‘Hang in There’ while we ‘Stay Home,’ to spreading our Wings to Love more while acclimating to a new normal, artists around the world have a dynamic ability to transform urban aesthetics and unite humankind. And, artists establishing a permanent artistic fixture to show gratitude for our first responders and medical professionals sends a beautiful message on behalf of an entire community.

Asheville, NC

Artists: @ianthepainter + @Ishmael.lords

Photo Credit: @wndashevillenc

From Seattle, to L.A., Atlanta, and beyond, street art festivals, like @sprayseemo in Kansas City, MO are held to build upon the creative expression, graffiti culture already established, and celebrated by inviting domestic and international artists to add new creations to downtown blank canvases, otherwise known as exterior walls of commercials spaces, alleyways, and more. @forbes magazine even dubs it “Mural Magic” in which a traveler who seeks out street murals will be rewarded with insights into a city’s social, cultural, or political dynamics.

Seattle, WA

Artists: @caseyweldon + @alexanderhalladay + @lordego1

City Lifestyle Ambassador: @lauramakfitness

Los Angeles, CA

Artists: @corrinecarey | City Lifestyle Ambassador: @reneerayles

Tacoma, WA

Artist: @rickylovespainting | City Lifestyle Ambassador: @itstashaynes

Los Angeles, CA

Artist: @curtiskuligstudio | City Lifestyle Ambassador: @tifahhh

What are you favorite #CoronaVirusArt designs you have seen? Let me know! 

Nashville, TN

Artist: @kelseymontagueart | City Lifestyle Ambassador: @gabriellejoffie

Seattle, WA

Artists: @sydneympertl + @lterada + @miles.pertl + @seapertls

Photo Credit: @lauramakfitness

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