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Behind the Beauty with Jeuveau


Article by Suzette Vogel

Ladies and gents, we can all remember the first shocking moment when you looked in the mirror and thought, “Wowza, where did that line come from?” (if not, then your time is coming). 

"Behind the Beauty" is a KC Linked Kansas City exclusive directory of some incredible nurse injectors, med spas, hairstylists and plastic surgeons in the Kansas City Area. Our KC Linked-exclusive "Behind the Beauty" is on the newest toxin injectable Jeuveau and plastic surgeon Dr. John Hulsen from Associated Plastic Surgeons. I’ve tried it all—Botox, Dysport, and now the newest toxin that’s focused on beauty-only Jeueau, better known as #NewTox.

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My Experience While Being Injected with Jeuveau at Associated Plastic Surgeons by Dr. John Hulsen

The injection placement was definitely similar to Botox or Dysport; I didn’t have any pain or bruising in the injection sites. There was no different sensation during or post-injection. I was able to have my injections and go about my day as usual. What I did notice is I felt a noticeable improvement within two-three days in my lines, and I felt less movement. Botox generally takes longer, and it’s a gradual improvement. So ladies, if you have a hot date with your significant other on a Friday, head over to Associated Plastic Surgeons on a Wednesday and you’ll be looking fab for the date.

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My overall result with Jeuveau was a smooth, natural softening of my forehead wrinkles and frown lines. I am very happy with my Jeuveau results and will definitely use Jeuveau again. So the challenge begins to fight the aging process, my friends. More to come with my experiences at Associated Plastic Surgeons, so stay tuned! And head over to Associated Plastic Surgeons to set your next appointment.

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