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Celebrity Hair Styles that Inspired Me


Article by Toni Talley

Photography by Toni Talley

Ok, confession! My new cut is not my hair. BUT – I’m testing the waters to see what I’ll look like and how to manage my hair if I were to get the cut below.

I’ve been wanting this cut since seeing Regina Hall in the movie, Girl’s Trip.

It’s so elegant and sexy at the same time. It gives me Boss Babe and fun all in one! Her blunt cut inspired me to stalk Pinterest for inspo and when I got tired of my longer extensions, I passed my mother a pair of shears. Together, we created the blunt cut I am currently wearing and I LOVE it!

It looks good with curls, and bone straight. I’ve been able to wrap my hair at night, styling it in less than 30 seconds once I wake up in the morning. I’ve been able to style it with cute hair pins like my look for NYE.

I have a few headbands I will try out as well. Overall, it’s a simple cut that can create multiple looks. It’s one of the latest trends as well, with many celebrities doing it. From the Kardashians to Ciara, Ayesha Curry, and even Taraji P. Henson. Blunt cuts can range in lengths as well. Some have taken it ear length, while others have it a little pass the shoulder.

If I do this cut in real life, I’m thinking about making the move around my 30th birthday in June. I feel like this cut will make me look mature, but youthful still!

What haircuts do you love?

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