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With Publisher, Laura Paszkiewicz

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me where I shop, I could probably afford to purchase everything on my wish list at Vici! 

Here's the scoop and my confession. I am a Vici addict. 

Shopping in the comfort of my home in my pjs has become my favorite recreational activity. 

I can mix and match pieces with what is already in my closet—literally by taking the computer in with me.  

My current obsession with Vici is through the roof. Clothing that is trendy and fashion forward but leaves room for a slightly more traditional appeal and the fit is more realistic for my age bracket than the majority of the trendy sites targeting young teens only.  Based in California, they provide reliable and efficient deliveries, customer service is over the top and the quality is better in person than what you see on line.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find discount codes and flash sales.  


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