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Why Removing Your Makeup Before Bed Matters

Skin Confidence at Age 40

Article by Christina Kamberis

Are you confident with your skin? At the age of 40 I can finally say I am. 

It took awhile to get here and I went through many different products too. Natural, medical grade … and everything in between. 

One thing we can all agree on is how awful it can be dealing with breakouts. Pre-teen, teen, young adult or 40-years-old … no one enjoys it! 

My non-negotiables? Never go to bed with makeup on! Some crazy statistic states that sleeping with your makeup on ages you way more than I’d like … so every night, my makeup comes off. My favorite makeup removal product for this is Bioderma—a cult classic cleaning water—and a cotton pad. It is amazing! When I travel I love using MakeOff Wipes by LimeLife by Alcone. 

My secret weapon for oily skin and breakouts is a good foaming face cleanser followed by gel moisturizer. Twice a day, everyday! 

What is your secret weapon for clear skin? 

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