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Day Trip to Yaya's Alpaca Farm

An Oh So Soft Hands-On Experience

Article by Andrea Larson

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Some of our good friends had it on their fall bucket list to visit an alpaca farm and they asked us if we wanted to join them! I'm so glad they did, because we had such a great time! Not only was going to Yaya's Alpaca Farm hands-on, it was also educational! Everyone learned something new!

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Yaya's Alpaca Farm is located in Garden City, Mo, about a 45 minute drive from where we live in South Overland Park. My friend purchased tickets ahead of time for a day our kids had off from school. There is also an option to show up to the farm and pay once you are there. We wanted to make sure we secured a spot in case it was busy! You also avoid lines at the end having to pay if you just pay ahead of time!

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Yaya is the owner of the farm and a kind man. He has an incredible story about how he came to have alpacas. I won't ruin it for you, just go to farm and hear his heartwarming story!! We arrived a little early and Yaya brought in two alpacas into the barn where the presentation takes place. He also handed everyone a large bag of food. Christmas and Einstein were the two alpacas we spent time with before everyone else got there. These animals are gentle! Sweet! Docile! The best!

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The alpaca fleece is so soft! They shave the fleece in the spring so they don't overheat in the summer. The fleece was growing back when we were there in mid-October to gear up for the winter months. They stay outside all year and can withstand 0 degree temps! That's how warm the fleece is!

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After Yaya gives the history of the farm and education on alpacas, you head outside where there are 41 alpacas roaming around. Everyone gets more bags of food and you can feed and pet the animals.

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A few babies had been born recently too! So sweet! This one was still nursing and needed a little jacket for the chilly morning.

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Alpacas are not skittish or scary in any way. They eat out of your hand gently and don't mind being pet. The perfect animal really! I can't tell you how many times Kate asked to bring one home! Ha! After the feeding time was done, we came back inside and Yaya talked about how they shear the alpacas and how they sell the fleece and also make goods from the fleece. There is a store where you can buy gloves and socks made from alpaca fleece. My friend and I wanted to buy some dryer balls but Yaya said he can't keep them in stock!

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We had a great morning doing something new! I love when you can continue to explore your city and do new things! Yaya's Alpaca Farm has a laid back and enjoyable atmosphere. This is definitely worth the drive and something for all ages! You can click here to find out about pricing and times available for visiting!

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Main Image: Yaya's Alpaca Farm

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