The Bar Method—Strengthening the Body and the Mind

Self-Care Focused Studio Helps You Take Care of You

Article by Hayley Hyer

Lizzy Rudd, owner of Bar Method Kansas City, wants nothing more than for you to feel strong. At all three of her locations, the focus is on empowering every single person who walks through the doors. Lizzy says the Bar Method is for “every body.”

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Beginning with Friendship

Lizzy’s introduction to the Bar Method was in Pasadena, Calif., in 2009 with her sister. After just one class, she told herself, "That was so crazy and different, and I'm so sore already. I need to try it again." Lizzy found out Hoddy Potter, an owner of a franchise territory in Kansas City, would be opening a Bar Method studio in Leawood in November 2011, and she reached out to see how she could be involved.

Lizzy became a certified instructor in May 2012, and through the process, she and Hoddy became best friends. Lizzy also felt herself growing in every aspect of her life, especially as a mother. Hoddy and Lizzy raised their kids together and found support in each other in everything they went through. Hoddy passed away due to cancer in December 2015, and Lizzy naturally continued the work that Hoddy had begun.

“Bar Method has truly changed my life,” Lizzy says. “Getting to start my Bar Method journey was special. … She was an incredible woman, and I feel joyful that I get the gift to continue to share what Bar Method is and the gift that she started and gave me.”

Lizzy is also incredibly proud of the team she has with her at all three locations and how they supported her through the transition. She sees Hoddy’s influence in all of them each day.

“I am continually inspired to persevere, learn and grow, getting a front-row seat to cheer on my team and community as they grow and work hard in and out of the classroom,” Lizzy says.

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How the Bar Method Works

The Bar Method is rooted in self-care. Lizzy has seen that self-care is often the first thing people drop when they have a huge list of things to do, but that it’s actually the most important thing to prioritize, especially during stressful times.

“Our company culture is a time for us to come together as a team and better our mind and body. Every exercise is physical therapy based and ties back to your confident posture, so we encourage each client by name in every class to get specialized attention to strengthen every square inch of their body.”

With the personalized attention throughout class, every student at the Bar Method feels like they matter and like they belong. Lizzy wants every person to feel like they accomplished something and to feel proud of themselves while also getting a great workout.

“We are effective but safe,” Lizzy says. “I think what sets us apart is that anyone can do Bar Method, and we can do it for many, many years. A lot of different workouts are hard on your body and you are limited to a certain amount of time on that specific type of exercise. Bar Method can be forever.”

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Give the Bar Method a Try 

If you are new to the Bar Method, the Kansas City studios are offering a two-week new client special for only $39. Along with the skilled instructors and expertly sequenced classes, the studios also have locker rooms stocked with toiletries and towels, plus a beauty bar so you can take a class in the morning or on your lunch break and be work-ready and back out the door in no time.

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