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How We Choose: Our Criteria for the Best Businesses

Looking for quality gyms in the Kansas City area?

It’s not easy identifying the best local companies, even if you’ve lived in the same city your whole life.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Using metrics from major local directories like Google, Yelp and social channels, we’ve created an algorithm that tracks the top businesses in the KC area. Of course, businesses are more than just their online presence. That’s why we’ve also worked with our local networks to factor in offline characteristics like local reputation, quality of services and other anecdotal evidence.

Find and support your favorite local fitness center with this exclusive guide today!

Pure Barre

Neighborhood: Northland, Lenexa, Overland Park

Pure Barre is your local Kansas City branch of this nationally acclaimed fitness chain. The fitness technique focuses on controlled, small movements that transform and sculpt the body. Classes are held throughout the day, and locals love the community feel of this facility. They even offer virtual classes streaming through the very popular Pure Barre Go service.

Lenexa Rec Center

Neighborhood: Lenexa

The Lenexa Recreation Center serves the community of Lenexa, Kansas, with exceptional facilities and many different services. There is an indoor pool, multiple workout facilities, childcare service, activity gym, and group fitness classes. Every age and every member of the family can find something fun (and healthy) to do at this amazing facility. You can even host your child’s birthday party at the rec center.

Onelife Fitness

Neighborhood: Power + Light District

OneLife Fitness – Power & Light gives you the full-service fitness experience that you want, offering cardio, lifting, sports, and group fitness. Its certified group trainers are going to give you the best workout possible to help get you results! The location on Main Street in downtown KC is a dynamic environment guaranteed to get you energized for your workout.

The Hill KC

Neighborhood: Downtown KC

Improving your health and fitness is fun and friendly at The Hill KC. This fitness center offers a workout environment that is fun, safe, and positive. The facility is staffed by professional coaches and healthcare providers who take the time to meet with you on your first visit and get to know your priorities. All levels can improve their fitness and health goals under the guidance of these professionals while enjoying the community environment.

Mojo Cycling Studio

Neighborhood: Plaza Area

Riding a stationary bike will never be the same after you experience a class at Mojo Cycling Studio on the Country Club Plaza. A group class consists of riding a stationary bike to upbeat music with additional workout moves added. Getting your sweat on in this hopping studio will give your entire body an amazing workout. Check it out today!

Club Woodside 

Neighborhood: Westwood

Woodside isn’t just one of the top fitness centers in Kansas City; it also has a full-service day spa, health consultations, and places to relax after a workout. This premier location takes care of ALL your wellness and beauty needs. One stable service is the Woodside Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment program where trainers will evaluate what’s holding you back from achieving optimal movement and performance.


Neighborhood: Uptown

One of the best gyms in Kansas City, theGYMkc – Uptown is open 24/7 to fits the needs of people needing to work out at any time of the day or night. This facility has all the workout equipment you need to stay in shape and is located just north of the Uptown Theater. Personal trainers are also available to help give you tips and advice on how to reach your fitness and health goals.

City Gym KC

Neighborhood: Waldo

With more than 100 five-star Google reviews, City Gym is a favorite gym for Kansas City locals. This fitness center emphasizes a great workout while building a community feel. It emphasizes whole person health with a special Live 45 program that addresses all aspects of health and nutrition. It also offers a variety of fitness options including workout areas, group classes, and personal training.

Freight House Fitness

Neighborhood: West Bottoms

Freight House Fitness is one of the best fitness centers in Kansas City and is co-owned by locals Brandon, a retired college athlete, and Bre, a gifted yoga instructor. The team specializes in fitness that will give you big energy and big results. Many new members start off with the Fast 21 program to get a strong start in their fitness journey. Personalized training, workout equipment, and group classes make this fitness center a great place for a workout with an appealing local vibe.

Apex GYM

Neighborhood: Overland Park

Apex Gym is a fitness center that specializes in indoor rock climbing, but also includes yoga classes—even aerial yoga! Your feet will leave the ground as you climb toward your fitness goals. There are many different levels of difficulty climbs so that everyone interested in indoor rock climbing can participate in the fun. 

Bodyfit KC

Neighborhood: Midtown

The Bodyfit KC facility is located in an 100-plus-year-old bank building and is Kansas City’s first solar-powered fitness center. It has a large variety of fitness classes including Bodykit group training, Brazilian jiu jitsu, yoga, kickboxing, Bodystrong, and many more. The unique personality of this fitness center is a favorite among locals!

Darling Yoga

Neighborhood: Overland Park

Darling Yoga is a welcoming fitness center for all types of people looking to take up the restorative practice of yoga. The goal of this facility is to help inspire health, movement, healing, and community through yoga. It offers virtual yoga classes as well as yoga retreats for everybody interested. It emphasizes an inclusive environment for all shapes and sizes and abilities.

Metro KC Fitness

Neighborhood: Argentine

Metro KC Fitness is one of the most convenient fitness centers that’s open 24 hours per day with three locations throughout Kansas City (Argentine, Briarcliff, and Downtown). They have all of the equipment you need and the personal trainers to help you reach your individual fitness goals. They are safe, affordable, and very convenient!

CrossFit 816

Neighborhood: Pleasant Valley

CrossFit 816 is one of the best CrossFit gyms in the area. It offers CrossFit and personal trainers that help you get an amazing workout that is different each day. Members of this gym rave about the community feel and satisfying workouts that relieve stress and get you in shape!


Neighborhood: Westwood

Doug Slinker is the fitness and personal training expert and founder of Slinkfit. He has more than 20 years' experience in providing exercise training programs for individuals looking to improve their overall health. His specialized technique focuses on addressing and strengthening the core muscles first, then building up to more complex and advanced motions. Doug’s personal attention keeps his customers coming back for many years!

Olympic Gym Kansas City

Neighborhood: Northland

Olympic Gym Kansas City is one of the best strength training facilities in the area. The facility boasts a large selection of equipment that helps its clients gain strength and also achieve their fitness goals. The professional staff is also available to help give new clients a clear understanding of how they can best take advantage of all the fitness center has to offer.

Dance Fit Flow

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

Dance Fit Flow was founded in 2017 by friends Kerri Pomerenke and Lauren Boyd, both former NFL dancers. They brought together their passion for fitness and dance in this facility that offers many different types of dance and fitness classes. They build community among their participants with additional events at their location in the thriving Crossroads Arts District.

The Port KC Fitness + Performance

Neighborhood: Midtown

The Port KC Fitness and Performance fitness center serves Kansas City residents with workout equipment, group classes, and personal training. It offers these great services with no contracts, no down payment, and no cancellation fees, making it a great value for new people looking for an amazing place to work out.

CrossFit on 18th

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

CrossFit on 18th is the fitness center that brings CrossFit and bootcamp workouts to the downtown Kansas City area. The bootcamp and crossfire workouts are different, but that allows people looking for a few different options to take advantage of the offerings at this great fitness location. The dynamic and energizing workouts will definitely not disappoint! 

rEvolution Gym

Neighborhood: Leawood

Founder and owner of rEvolution Gym, John Brown, doesn’t let his clients give up on their workouts or their dreams. John teaches his clients how to take charge of their own fitness and their own lives through strength training, martial arts, and overall body conditioning. The workouts will get you in shape and train your mind also!

Synergy Fitness Studio 

Neighborhood: West Plaza

Chis Spears founded Synergy Fitness Studio to help people in their weight loss journey. He became a personal trainer after his own journey with weight loss and getting fit, and it’s been his passion ever since. This top Kansas City fitness center helps people of all abilities have a safe and effective workout with rotating through stations for different types of exercises. Chris’ clients rave about the workouts and the results they see!


Neighborhood: Downtown KC

RoKC is a fitness center that combines indoor rock climbing, yoga, fitness classes, and a strong sense of community. It’s a locally owned and operated facility that is an inclusive environment for all ages and abilities. It has multiple locations throughout Kansas City and even has childcare available in the Play Lounge so that you can enjoy a peaceful workout.

Ignite Gym 

Neighborhood: Olathe

Lars Hanson, CSCS, PN1 is the Executive Camp Director and owner of Ignite Gym, located in Olathe. He emphasizes functional fitness as a way to minimize and prevent pain with individually customized workouts for each person. The goal is to get you moving better and feeling better so that you can live better!


Neighborhood: Shawnee

EverFit has the goal of bringing fitness and fun together. It offers a changing lineup of many different fitness classes including HIIT, yoga, stationary bike rides, and many others. There is flexibility in working out at this top KC gym with paying for a a single class, multiple classes, or unlimited classes each month.

Hitch Fit Gym

Neighborhood: Union Hill

Hitch Fit Gym is known as the “Transformation Gym” and has two locations, one in Union Hill and one in Parkville. The gym offers new clients a free 30-minute workout, body assessment, and consult as a way to get to know the staff and facility. No other gym in the area has more before-and-after stories showing the proven success of the workouts at this top KC gym.


Neighborhood: Shawnee

SWEAT KC combines work, play, and fitness and offers more than 25 different fitness classes each week. The people who attend the variety of fitness classes keep coming back for a great workout and a great community. This fitness center is a place for women to get an amazing workout while also building new friendships and sisterhood.

Brookside CrossFit

Neighborhood: Waldo

Brookside CrossFit is not technically affiliated with the official CrossFit community, but it does offer group-based classes focused on HIIT and Olympic-style fitness training. This top local gym is located in Waldo and has highly qualified coaches to help you reach your fitness goals!

Health House

Neighborhood: Prairie Village, Leawood

Health House is a revolutionary mix of rowing studio and strength training to provide a low-impact, high-results workout. The studios in Kansas City give locals results in 45-minute classes, but there is also an option to have the same experience at home with virtual services. In just 45 minutes of a fitness class at Health House, you can burn two to three times more calories!

Fusion Fitness

Neighborhood: Overland Park, Leawood, Downtown KC

Fusion Fitness has three locations throughout the Kansas City area and offers classes that will continually challenge people looking for an amazing workout with a blend of cardio and strength training. The constantly rotating exercises during the challenging (and rewarding) classes give a great workout that keeps your body guessing and improving in fitness and overall health.


Neighborhood: Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Leawood, Shawnee, Parkville

Hotworx is a hot yoga experience that fuses heat, infrared, and isometrics to give you a workout unlike any other. Working out at one of the facilities is very convenient because they have multiple locations throughout the Kansas City area including Overland Park, Leawood, Shawnee, Lee's Summit and Parkville. 

Kansas City Barbell 

Neighborhood: Union Hill

Kansas City Barbell is the only downtown Kansas City gym to be dedicated ONLY to strength training. It’s a no-frills gym that uses the tried-and-true methods and equipment to get you the strength training results you want. Everyone from beginners to strength training veterans are welcome to this top gym that offers full-service strength training and nutrition services. 

Sky's Limit CrossFit

Neighborhood: Waldo

Sky’s Limit CrossFit serves Kansas City with the goal of providing "functional fitness for real people." You won’t find the shiniest or fanciest equipment in this top KC gym, but you will find dedicated staff members who help you get results. There is also a Silver and Fit class for seniors looking to maintain strength and longevity. This fitness center truly makes the health and fitness benefits of CrossFit accessible to everyone.

Pilates of KC

Neighborhood: Prairie Village

Pilates of Kansas City was voted the No. 1 Pilates studio in all of Kansas City and is the upscale studio for people looking for classical Pilates. It also has a fashion studio on-site so that you can look great while you get an amazing workout. Group classes, small group training sessions, and individual training sessions are also available.

LÜM Health Studio

Neighborhood: Crossroads Arts District

LÜM Health Studio offers in-person and virtual classes for the Kansas City area and beyond. The in-person classes include cardio, HIIT, yoga, TRX, strength training, and much more. There is also a sauna at the Kansas city location, an added bonus to help unwind after a great workout. 

The Body Lab

Neighborhood: Leawood, Prairie Village

The Body Lab uses a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, the Megaformer™, to provide a workout combining traditional Pilates, strength training, and cardio. There are two studios, one in Prairie Village and one in Leawood, that offer 50-minute small group classes to get amazing fitness results that strengthen, tighten, and tone muscles. This is a truly unique piece of equipment and workout!

Body Blox Gym

Neighborhood: Rosedale

Body Blox Gym is a private session training gym where owner Justin Endicott will guide you through workout sessions. Justin has A.C.E. and N.S.C.A. C.P.T. certifications with 14 years' experience. You need to make an appointment for each training session, but the effort is well worth it for the amazing workout. Working out at Body Blox Gym is perfect for those people looking for a very individual workout experience.

Abu Shabazz with Laser Sharp Fitness

Neighborhood: Leawood

Abu Shabazz is one of the top trainers with Laser Sharp Focus that helps clients at the Leawood location get specific results. As part of the Laser Sharp Fitness team, Abu provides customized fitness and nutrition counseling for his clients. The facility offers exercise options including cardio, weight training, circuit training, strength training, and more.

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