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Thursday, February 13 | 8:00 PM | East Point


  • February 13—March 1


The Windmill Arts Center
2823 Church St
East Point, GA


Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi incited an infamous riot in 1896 at the utterance of its very first word. Some time later that night, a world-renowned poet would describe the outrageous performance as the ultimate arrival of "the savage god." With the arrival of King Ubu upon the Parisian stage, something fundamental had changed forever. The theatre of the absurd had unwittingly been born. Vernal & Sere Theatre's brand new adaptation of UBU aims to be no less exhilarating. By reimagining the titular character of King Ubu as a headmaster walking the halls of a quintessential American schoolyard, we will call into question the fundamental system by which we govern and instruct our citizenry. The piece is part Shakespearean parody, part political satire, part absurdist comedy, and always a "dance of death." In short, it represents another step in our company's evolution towards a more imaginative and stylized mode of performance. ------------------------ Featuring: Leah Anderson, Kathrine Barnes, Erin Boswell, Patrick Conley, Katerina Eichenberger, Brian Epperson, Jennica Hill, Naomi Mack, Kasey O'Barr, Erin O'Connor, Lindsey Sharpless, Adam Sherman, Hailey Swartwout, and Madelyn Wall Directed and Adapted by: Sawyer Estes ------------------------ Less-If-You-Need / More-If-You-Want: We've had many people ask how they can do and give more in support of our work, our livelihoods, and keep the cost of tickets affordable to all regardless of income. Keeping theatre accessible and sustainable is a core value of ours as well. To achieve that end, we are proud to offer this ticketing structure for our production of UBU. We believe in a kind of pay-what-you-can ticketing model and are thrilled to be working towards this within the Atlanta theatre scene. All tickets are available for either $15 or $40. You decide!

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