Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Powell Gardens, Kansas City's Botanical Garden


    Powell Gardens is a perfect spot for portraits that boosts natural backgrounds and unique scenic landscapes. 

  2. Photo By: Janie Jones

    Crossroads Arts District


    The Crossroads has a clean, modern-urban edge with great backdrops and a cool vibe. 

  3. Photo By: Janie Jones

    Shawnee Mission Park Marina


    Shawnee Mission Park is full of lots of different spots such as the wildflower pastures, pond, and wooden bridges.

  4. Sar Ko Par Park


    Sar Ko Par Park is a great photo location that has more texture and architecture that includes the stone museum, stepping stones, bridges.

  5. Unity Village Country Club


    Unity Village is a unique venue that includes stunning grounds,  old historical buildings, pastures and golf course.

  6. Liberty Memorial Association


    Liberty Memorial provides cement and architectural backgrounds with plenty of green space. 

  7. Country Club Plaza


    The Country Club Plaza has a plethora of  unique corridors, stairs, fountains, and vibrant, architectural diversity. 

  8. West Bottoms Historic District


    The West Bottoms has a grunge vibe with a historical twist, old buildings and unique doorways. 

  9. Jacob Loose Memorial Park


    Jacob Loose Park includes the rose gardens, expansive grounds, ponds, and beautiful trees for the perfect backdrop.

  10. Lone Summit Ranch


    Lone Summit Ranch is a beautiful, rustic venue for special events. This amazing property consists of 128 acres; ideal for photoshoots as well!

  11. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art


    Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art grounds has a Kansas City historical vibe with the iconic shuttlecock and a variety backdrops and rock pathways. 

  12. Faulkner's Ranch


    Faulkner's Ranch is a family-owned and operated private event facility! The perfect environment with a variety of photo opportunities.

  13. Longview Mansion


    A distinguished estate venue since 1914, Longview Mansion is the architectural crown jewel in the Kansas City area. Provides a variety of views for a dynamic photoshoot.

  14. Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area


    Natural features on the area include steep forested hillsides along Burr Oak Creek, large limestone boulders and outcrops, restored prairies and woodlands, and a trail complex that will guide visitors through many of the listed features.

  15. Historic River Market


    This unique KC location of Historic River Market would make a great local spot for family photos, especially if you want to capture the excitement of the city in your backdrop.

  16. Briarcliff Park


    The lovely waterfall at Briarcliff Park is another great spot to capture beautiful pictures of your family. The waterfalls make for a perfect backdrop for your next family photo op!

  17. James A Reed Wildlife Area


    James A Reed Wildlife Area: Expansive woodland & wetland hunting grounds can make for a great nature backdrop.

  18. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts


    Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts: The beautiful building is a great backdrop for family photos. You can also get shots of downtown in the background too.

  19. Photo By: Photo by Katie Currid

    Weston Bend State Park


    Great for fall foliage — check out the Missouri River overlook during sunset!

  20. Photo By: Photo by Katie Currid

    English Landing Park


    Gorgeous no matter the season, there are beautiful weeping willows and a great walk along the river at English Landing Park

  21. Photo By: Photo by Katie Currid

    Union Station


    Though you need a photography permit other times of the year, Union Station opens up to anyone who wants family photos during the holidays.

  22. Photo By: Photo by Katie Currid

    Burr Oak Woods State Forest


    Burr Oak Woods State Forest: You'll look like you're not quite in Kansas anymore in this park filled with tall evergreen trees.

  23. Grinter Sunflower Farm


    Though seasonal, nothing says quintessential Midwest like a giant field of sunflowers at Grinter Sunflower Farm.