Hosting Holiday Dinners with Local Makers

If you’re playing host to friends and family for the holidays this year, you’ll need to do some planning. Luckily, our community is filled with local merchants to help you pull off the perfect dinner party or cocktail soiree. Count on these local businesses to provide you with the most perfect decor, from floral arrangements to glassware. Whether you plan to hire a catering service or cook everything yourself, these local businesses are the places to go.

  1. Dei Campi Woodcraft


    We love cutting boards and wooden bowls by Dei Campi Woodcraft! Their boards are perfect for charcuterie boards. Find them at local markets or Etsy.

  2. Fiore Floral


    Fiore Florals makes beautiful, modern arrangements that would make the perfect centerpiece on your holiday table.

  3. Boozy Botanicals


    We love making fancy cocktails for our guests, and Boozy Botanicals syrups make it so easy. We even use them for flavored coffees and teas!

  4. Floraloom


    If you love the new dried floral trends, we love the fun installations and arrangements made by Floraloom. 

  5. Good Stuff China


    If you're looking to change up your dishware a bit for hosting, we love Good Stuff China's glassware and style!